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Sarah (artistforjesus) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 00:49:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:slick shoes

    photo 2 is finally over! praise the Lord! i cant wait, just two more weeks of typography and then i can go home. im tired of being at school, i need a break. and need zach here to help me get rid of my hiccups! im really wishing i had more christians up here to hang out, i dont really know to many around here. most live off campus. i also need to find a new church at home. im not liking the one i usually attend. ill be done working at borders this saturday, so im psyched about that. i gotta save some money now so i can buy my warped tour tickets. the line should be decent, i just wont be looking forward to all the wanna be punk kids there. my building needs some ac in here, especially since i just found out it will 95 tomorrow! i think summer is finally here. i cant wait to go home to get my tattoo worked on. itll be my first, and its a big one. im gettin wings on my back, angel style. i know youll say its lame, but i honestly dont know anyone who has wings on their back, except one girl, but they are super tiny. besides, i live in south jersey, not too many people have cool tattoos down there ;) next i want the calvary graphic dove on my arm some where. i was thinking my wrist but im kinda scared since there are veins pretty close to the surface. but we'll see. i have been waiting so long to get tattoos so im really excited im finally doing it. i wanna go to exotix soon to get a new nose ring, im hoping to go before i leave to go home since there is no where around home that sells decent body jewlery. im happy with my nose being done, its been almost 5months now. i cant imagine not having it, i hope that i can get a job when i graduate that will let me keep it. zach's sister got one a few months ago but her work made her take it out, so she had to take it out the next day!! OUCH! that must have sucked alot. i should call her to hang out.......ok anyway, i cant think of anything else to say here. im gonna try and make my hiccups go away and maybe watch some tv or something. i wish i could play dvds on my pc. if anyone knows how to download something like that lemme know. what i really would like to get is a gateway laptop like jessie. its SOOO nice and it can burn cds and play dvds. very cool. im also excited that my cingular service will be up soon, hopefully in the beginning of july so that i can go with verizon and get a cool phone. very exciting. ok well obviously my life is very uneventful so i have to bore you with these minor excitements in my life. im just praying for some direction for the Lord. have a good nite all, praise God.

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