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a new machine (arollingstone) wrote,
@ 2004-03-18 09:28:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:you gotta move (pre-release) - aerosmith.

    merely hours away, people.
    leaving for florida in a few hours. think i've packed? 'cause we all know that i haven't. i don't know if i have enough film, i mean, i know i'm going to take a ridiculous amount of pictures so ill probably just have to get more when i'm down there. i would have one empty roll and about another 11 pictures but last night, i was feeling really bored and got an idea to take all my ties off of the rack thing and lay them out on my floor and photograph it. i mean, we're doing hand coloring so that should be fairly cool to do. so that leaves me with just one roll. ah, it's all good.
    i got this new fleetwood mac cd the other day. i mean, i liked their really early stuff so i figured, "why not?" it's actually turning out to be pretty good. one of those cds that you can push play and just listen the whole way through without skipping over tracks or anything. plus lindsay buckingham (it's a guy, if you didn't know.) is a great guitarist.
    went over to dylan's house yesterday to watch spinal tap. it was great. in the dvd box there was this huge list and i didn't really see what it was at first. just saw a list of names. so then i look and see that the list is titled: "drummer necrology." haha, gotta love spinal tap.
    "well, the second drummer, he died from choking on vomit. the thing is, it wasn't his vomit. we sorta left that one alone, you can't really dust for vomit, mate."
    if you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT.
    not much else to say, i guess. i should go and pack. later.

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