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a new machine (arollingstone) wrote,
@ 2004-03-17 10:05:00
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    Current mood: lethargic
    Current music:riding with the king - eric clapton and b.b. king (a great buy, id recommend it)

    ooh, just woke up. today should be a fun day..things to do:
    1. pack (leaving TOMORRRRROW)
    2. forget step 1. it just won't happen. ill get to it tomorrow before i leave or something.
    3. go over to dylan's to watch spinal tap: collector's edition (wonder what the "collector's edition" box?) which should be guh-reat. gotta love spinal tap.
    4. go into boston and give calls to little children who are going to be coming to school next year. have fun, new freshmen!

    yesterday i finally passed 1200 on the song count. i mean finally. i think it's about 1202 or 1203 or something. take that!. ooh, got to talk to priscilla about five minutes ago. she's in taiwan. how awesome's that? hm, a question for all you readers out there. i heard that if you take the wizard of oz and play it through muted with floyd's dark side of the moon playing, then they'll fit together and the sound clips on the cd will go with the stuff you're seeing on screen. any truth in that? don't know, seems way too cool to be true. well, that's just about it. comment and leave your answer to my oh-so-puzzling question (if you really know the answer, that is). later, my friends.

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