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Chris (arizonaicedtea) wrote,
@ 2005-08-23 00:33:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Sting and the Police - S.O.S (Message in a bottle)

    Holy shit I'm so excited I could PUNCH A BABY!
    One of my friends, well pretty much my only friend that I've ever even remotely cared about on the interent, messaged me the other day. Her name is Remy, and I met her in some chatroom or something when I was 16 and she was 15. I knew her for about a year or so before she started getting into some very serious shit, and then dissapeared. I was worried for her. At one point I started to think that she might even die... yes it was that bad. She messaged me a few times over the years, but for the most part our meetings were disjointed or far apart, and she would msg me sometimes and things would be... strange. Strange in a bad way. I won't tell her whole life story on the internet, but lets just say that she's turned over a new leaf. I was so excited to hear it too, because I've never kept in touch with people soley on the internet before, and worrying about whether someone might live or die is worrying I'd rather not experience. I really am proud of her, and the way she talks I don't think there's anymore worrying for her, but I won't allow myself to become premature. I have only known her over the internet afterall, and yes I know she is really a girl and not a FOURTY YEAR OLD MAN.

    Also I must say that she is very attractive and from what I know a very nice person, but hey... you can only tell so much about someone on the internet. I actually asked her if she wanted to talk on the phone today, but whether it's because she got wierded out, embarassed, or as she put it "wasn't a big phone person," I can't really say. The reason why I wanted to talk on the phone in the first place was because I'd rather talk than IM, especially when it's something serious, which is what we were talking about. That may have been the reason why she didn't want to talk as well, it was about her past, and a turbulenty uncomfortable past it was.

    I used to sort of have a crush on her, well as much a crush you can have on someone on the internet heh. It didn't last very long however, and it was quickly replaced by a crush I had on another girl whose name I shall not name. Someday I'd also like to meet Remy, find out what she's REALLY like, but right now things must be taken slow. I'm not crushin on her anymore, but it's very intruiging to have someone you had a crush on come back into your life, and then to add on the mystery of the internet. It's very odd really, the whole situation, and I enjoy talking to her alot. I may never have a chance to meet her in real life, for whatever reason, but when you've known someone for 4 years you get kind of curious. Kind of... FUCK THAT... I hate this curiousity shit, I'm so bubbly and dorky when I talk to her... it's drivin me up the wall. I want to meet her, am I fucking crushing on her again? Lord I hope not, thats something I don't need right now. But hell, if I am, it's over the internet, and I know that crushes are easily replaced by new crushes or loves, and over the internet crushes account for very little in the way of feelings. It's her fault >:( she's always complimentin me, and then it FORCES me to compliment her back... plus she's HOT so, me being the honest person I am, I HAVE to say it to her. (For those of you who take thirty minutes to open a bag of fritos, that was sarcasm.)

    I don't have to be so negative either... it is POSSIBLE that this assumable crush could amount to something, but no I very highly doubt that. She doesn't even live in the same state as me. Still possible though. Nope, it's not, never, never ever ever going to happen Chris. YES IT WILL! I LOVE HER AND I'VE ONLY TALKED TO HER FOR 2 DAYS NOW! True, but you know what you have to do now then. *Sigh* yes I know, I have to kill her. Right, and remember to wear the spookey mask and... YES YES I KNOW, the tight German Lederhosen. AND REMEMBER TO DEFACATE INTO HER MOUTH THIS TIME!!! HISSSS!! Oh shutup Greg, all you ever want me to do is shit in peoples mouths. HISSS!!! I ONLY WANT THEM TO TASTE YOUR DELICIOUS FECES CHRIS!!! HISSS!!! Greg, my feces taste like shit, face it. Yeah Greg, you're just totally insane. Thankyou Chris #2, you're always there for me. Telling me whose houses to torch, the best setting on the toaster to get the toast all crunchy and brown, but not so black and hard Little Kim would ride it like a bucking bronco, and of course... when to kill. Oh Chris #1, I love you. Uh-oh. What? Oh crap, I know I know... just kill yourself now and get it over with. OK. *Bleh* There. Ow, I'm dead.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! JUST KIDDING! Man I'm so fucked up in the head sometimes...

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