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Steve (argo) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 13:55:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Speak ---- by Nickel Creek

    The Pandas.... RETURNNNN!!!!!!! 0.o;;;;;;;;
    Well i am more bored than usually and that means it is time for a porn rate!!!! Yes here on Steve Blog we will discuss the indepth ramifications *as to say* of gay porn. What are the proper procedures, etiqette, and requirements that goes into making grade A man on man debauchere!! How exciting. Well first we will discuss the proper etiquette.

    If you have a vivid imagination and can't take a joke please scroll to bottom of entry...

    Rule one all actors must at least find each other sexually appetizing, they may hate each other, but if the sight of the other nude gets them off there is nothing to worry. Also on occassion any necking, petting, blowing, sucking, fucking is allowed but make sure to save some for the camera!!! When you are dealing with couples it is a good idea to leave the two lovebirds to each other unless they ask otherwise. In the gangbang area make sure that everyone gets a turn.

    In the procedures area it is a generally good idea for the camera to be able to catch the mens full glory head on and as well make sure that the techniques used by the actors do not conceal or hide anything unless there is some penertration of some sort. Also when dealing with ejaculation remember that without the consent of the actors now semen may be introduced inside any of the actors orfices.

    The requirements for an actor are thusly, they must be well formed and shaped. Muscles are preferred but remeber to much is unattractive, as well body hair should be trimmed and well groomed. Remember to bath and to keep yourself clean. The size of one's phallus should range from eight to ten inches and be of a good thickness. Also it should be as straight as possible. Ones genitals should be slightly heavy set to heavy set and of a good size. The rectum should be as clean as possible and not have strange odors, As well before any penetration make sure to be well lubricated!!!

    MUWHHAHAHAHAHA!!! FEAR THE PANDAS... You know that is what boredom does to me. Damn anyway I need to go buy some shoes tired of wearing sandals and well my other shoes have been ripped to bits my dog. So Till next time. I miss Armando....

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