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amanda (apsumthin) wrote,
@ 2002-11-29 13:43:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:jagged edge 'promise'

    got my l's
    today i went to elyria for my l's test. passed it!! word!! hahaha. but yeah i thought ya'll should know. i was all like "yea-uh!!". i'm boutsta bounce to my dadio's tonight and then i'm gonna c if my gurl d wants to do sumthin tonight. like go to a movie or w/e. i was gonna go to da mall but not no more. i think i might just go tomorrow wit my lil sis when she goes wit my moms. i hate the mall man. i hate shoppin. i just need sum clothes. ya heard?! i'm bouts to go though cuz i relly ain't got nothin else to say. oh wait... yeah i do. *busts out laughin* we went to mc d's after my test right. the was this dude that was workin the drive-thru or w/e. he went to give us da drinks and the window i guess wasn't openin fast enough... dude like slams the window open. we all was rollin. i neva laughed so hard in mah life. i thought he was gonna start beatin the shizit outta it or sum crucial crap. it was just like *bam* "here's ya drinks". lol. it was funny though. i'm still laughin. ya could tell he liked his job ain't it?! hahaha. his name was like erick or sumthin so if ya eva go out mc d's on broad st look for dis dude. it's funny as hex. lol. man i can't stop laugh. it's crazee!! i'm bousta bounce tho. keep it real. holla!!!

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