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Aprile (aplayanotalova) wrote,
@ 2005-12-04 03:15:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    im doing a little bit better i take some medice now for my panic attacks i only have a couple pills so i have to talk to my doctor about it im ganna be starting my own business with mary kay that should be fun all i need is 100 dollars to start i cant wait to start and hopefully i do a good job i like karen so it should be fun shes ganna train me i get half of what ever i sell so thats cool i seen my ex bf today damian i dated him for a couple months at the beginning of the year we broke up because he wanted me to gain more weight i was 20 pounds under weight but now im average weight because i havent been working out much or eating healthy but i plan to have babys soon i saw him with this ugly fat chick he likes them really fat lol i cant wait for christmas but i cant afford much im so poor i want to start a business but i dont no if i should wait till after christmas i dont no i still havent got nick or hannah any thing for christmas and i only get 60 dollars every week for unemployment i cant believe every job i apply for doesnt think im good enough for them but hopefully i make enough from mary kay

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