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Mors Axoris (aphonia_x) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 01:28:00
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    I don't even like Bury your Dead but their lyrics say it all for me.
    I close my eyes and you say those things that aggravate me.
    I swear you say them just to make me cry.
    I swear you say them just to make my heart break.
    This time it's not going to fucking happen.
    I put my hands around your throat
    and squeeze until your pulse faded, until your pulse has faded.
    So now who is begging who to stop,
    and now who is crying to who,
    and once again the annoying sound of 6 am, 6 am.
    Saves your life, and as always my happiness is cut short.

    You don't even like that song.. why did you put it on your away message? This sounds so stupid.
    Those lyrics you thoughtlessly typed are my life. They sum up everything I've ever felt. And I know you put them up there so "Sally" can see them when she gets home from school. I want to see what makes her more than me. I never want to meet her. I will destroy her in my dreams tonight. Over. and fucking. over.
    This is what I get for wasting my fucking time over a 16 year old.
    You warned me and all it did was add new levels to my awareness. You helped me get this low. I've lost my mind. You rubbed it in my face. Fucking rubbed it in. And now you get to move on. I don't have that luxury.
    None of this is exaggeration. I really have snapped. One more word from you and I will spend Christmas in another ward. Not that you'll know. I won't give you the satisfaction of seeing your final masterpiece.
    You think you're a fucking poet don't you.

    I never said that I was a fucking poet,
    I never tried to be something I knew I'd never be.
    There's no use in pretending.
    I'll tell you one thing.
    So listen closely when I tell you
    this is straight from the bottom of my broken heart.
    So please, save the excuses for someone who wants to hear them.
    You're not here, that's all that matters.
    I'm just afraid that I'll never feel this way again.
    You're not here, that's all that matters.
    The lies the deceit, will I ever say enough is enough
    or will I continue to let you walk all over me.
    I am done, pistol please,
    I can't take this anymore, pistol please.
    I am done, pistol please.

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