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William (aphexpusher) wrote,
@ 2003-04-10 22:30:00
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    Current mood:worried
    Current music:None.

    Everyone Says I'm Different
    My Father thinks I am: My dad is a jackass, that has to much power in my life.
    My Mother thinks I am: I don't know.
    My sister thinks I am: I don't have one.
    My brother thinks I am: See above.
    My grandma thinks I am: I don't know.
    My Grandpa thinks I am: See above.
    My Boyfriend thinks I am: I don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
    My best friend thinks I am: Friends....?

    + your three best qualities-Who the hell knows?
    +three worst qualities-Too many, I'm sure.
    +three things you are often complimented for-Listening, intelligence, friendly, and so on.
    +a compliment you got that made you blush-Fuck off.
    +you get embarrassed when-Depends.
    +makes you happy when-When I have good music, books, true love, and the like.
    +upsets you-Again, to many.

    Yes or NO....
    +you keep a diary =I keep a blurty, but I used to have a livejournal and I used to use little notebooks to write down things in.
    +you like to cook =Sometimes.
    +you have a secret you have not shared with anyone-Who doesn't?
    +you fold your underwear- no!? Nope.
    +you talk in your sleep -Yes.
    +you set your watch ahead-Yes.
    +you bite your fingernails -Yes.
    +you believe in love-Yeah, but it's hard to keep up that belief sometimes....

    x. movie you rented-Rented? I can't remember.
    x. movie you bought- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    x. song you listened to- Sugarcult-Changed My Name.
    x. song that was stuck in your head-Too many.
    x. song you've downloaded-I don't know.
    x. CD you bought-It's a tie. I bought Sugarcult-Start Staic and D4-6twenty.
    x. CD you listened to-Sugarcult-Start Static
    x. person you've called-My mom.
    x. person that's called you-My grandma
    x. TV show you've watched-Home Improvement.
    x. person you were thinking of-I don't know.

    x. you wish you could live somewhere else -Doesn't everyone?
    x. you think about suicide-See above, but just at certain times.
    x. you believe in online dating -Not really.
    x. others find you attractive-Who knows.
    x. you want more piercings-Yes.
    x. you want more tattoos-I'll let you know, after my first one.
    x. you drink-Yep.
    x. you do drugs-A lot of things a lot of people do, could be considered drugs.
    x. you smoke-No, to expensive.
    x. you like cleaning-Sometimes.
    x. you like roller coasters -No.
    x. you write in cursive or print- Depends.
    x. you carry a donor card-Yeah.

    have you...
    x. ever cried over a boy/girl = Yeah.
    x. ever lied to someone = Yeah.
    x. ever been in a fist fight = Sorta.
    x. ever been arrested = Nope.

    x. shampoo do you use = Aussie
    x. perfume do you use = Depends.
    x. shoes do you wear = Not brand names.
    x. are you scared of = Like I'd tell you

    x. of times you have been in love? = .....
    x. of times you have had your heart broken?- Several.
    x. of hearts you have broken? = None that I know of.
    x. of boys you have kissed? = None.
    x. of people you've slept with? = ...slept with? ...None.
    x. of people you consider your enemies?- Eh.
    x. of people from high school that you have stayed in contact with? = A few people.
    x. of CDs' that you own?-Close to a hundred and/or something.
    x. of times your name has appeared in the newspaper?- A few times.
    x. of things in your past that you regret?-Too many.


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