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Kim (apcpet46) wrote,
@ 2005-01-23 21:11:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:msi

    Friday was fun. went sledding with mike and buzz at mark delay and then the hill behind my old apartment. it was fun and then really cold. the weather was really bad and ofcourse mike was fucking around with the car and ice so then we hit a curb on the way back to his house, and he blew out ANOTHER tire. it's ridiculous how this happened within a month span. so now he can't drive at all, until the snow all melts at least, which sucks. yesterdy was dissapointing because i was mad at him for most of the day. i don't really feel like explaining it but the general idea was that he made plans with me but then decided that he wanted to do something else better and didn't feel like waiting. the thing that pisses me off is that he just doesn't really realize that he pisses me off and that it happens much more often than it should. so then after an awkward conversation on the phone at like 1030, i decided i'd rather see him than stay pissed, so he came over for like an hour and we're ok now.

    Today went to the mall with lisa to get her tournabout dress. i got my shoes (they're hot pink and awesome). mike was supposed to come over but failed to get a ride, so i'm stuck with homework for the night. woohoo.

    I think that i'm just bored with my life as of the moment, and i don't think i should be, but that's how i feel unfortunitly.

    I'm out, -Kim

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