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Kim (apcpet46) wrote,
@ 2004-12-11 23:53:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:atreyu

    This time i mean it
    Today was pretty good actually. i went out to yorktown with lisa and finished xmas shopping. it felt good to know that i'm done and that the gifts aren't shitty or really last minute. afterwards went back to lisa's and wrapped them like losers lol. steve stopped by for a little while after work too.

    God, my mom and brad have been gone all day, they went to 2 xmas parties and still aren't home yet. figures the day that they are gone all day no one comes over lol. yeah so mike is grounded today and tomarrow because he came home too late a few days ago. he told his mom he'd be home a lot sooner than he actually came home and his phone died, woops. it was party my fault and i feel kinda bad but i think his mom shouldnt of grounded him for it. he was able to go out last night with me and steve and lisa though- we first watched his movie he made for school which was pretty good and then went out and saw 2 bands, one was steves friends. yeah so it was outside and it was fucking freezing and kinda rainy and it kinda sucked, but his band was good at least. later we went to mike's and thawed out lol.

    One more week of school and then break :)

    I'm out -Kim

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