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FURY (anthrax400) wrote,
@ 2010-07-19 08:55:00
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    2 years later
    Damn so much has happened in the past 2 years its not even funny. Alls i can do is summerize....

    Since the last post many partys have happened and jobs and friends have changed.

    JOBS: I was working at big y till about last summer when they hired all new management and forced me to quit they were being total assholes at that place so, I got a full time job at sam ash during the weekdays and worked on the weekends at bigy for a few months until i quit..

    I then was working at sam ash full time up until about a month ago until I was fired by my "best friend" of 3 years.. they loser lied to me for his lame as $11 job. Dude was lame as hell anyway.

    Yeah also since 2008 Ive been a nightclub dj downtown new haven. I started out at hammerjacks made new friends Cdub(who I dont see often anymore) , Johnny Juice, Flecha, and many others.. Then they closed for a few months and started working at v - Lounge across the street. That was my favorite club so many good times there also mad drama and fights, old faces. Did that place every friday for a year straight. halloween 2008-halloween 2009. then did a massive packed to capacity yale party the following tuesday. did a few other random partys and clubs like center street, side street, teen partys, gotham. I also started doin random gigs at alchemy since almost 2 years ago and now am the new resident DJ. there. I now dj the room my band used to play and I used to take girls on dates. They put me on multiple nights a week now.
    The og bartenders from back in the day dont like me very much but all the other girls do but seem way to afraid to talk to me or they want me to chase after them.. whatever there are some really cool girls down there i got on my radar.
    The owner also used to hate my guts...but only until the past few months and after i played an 80s mix this guy has been cool as hell to me and shit has just been good.

    So todays my 27th birthday. I think I started this in my teens... holy shit the time has flown by.. I also bought a super scooter3 days ago. thing is fuckin great I love it. I also may be getting a job on a cruise ship..

    I also spent a night in jail last week.. I was pulled over for looking suspicious an then they suearched my car and found a dime and my truck was unregistered and uninsured and it rolled back into the police car... gotta go to court on the 21st... well see what happens.,

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