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annasachen12 (annasachen12) wrote,
@ 2011-09-13 11:11:00
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    I would have invented the internet
    Darn it. I want the magic pill. And, I want it n-o-w!

    This article was in-part inspired by an article I read on Jonathan Fields' blog. The article is titled, 'Making Money From Quitters'. You will see my comment. The article takes to task the health club corporate world for counting on and expecting people to quit. It helps the bottom line. If all the members of a club showed up at once, well, lets say there would be bedlam. Bigger clubs would have to be built. Maintenance costs would go up. It is better for the health club if you would join, and then go and sit on your rump and have your Mac Lady Gaga.
    So. Whose fault is this? Maybe we should blame both McDonald's and the health club corporate world. McDonald's for having such an irresistible hamburger. And, the health club corporates for just not caring about meeting our needs. We should also blame the bun makers, for making good buns for those good hamburgers. And, the exercise equipment makers for making good exercise equipment that we don't use because the corporates don't care about meeting our needs. Pickle makers are to blame also. In fact, there is plenty of blame to go around. I would like to take this chance to blame my parents, because had they used the car three years earlier, I would have invented the internet.:)

    Since I didn't though, I guess I'll meet you at McDonald's and we'll talk about how the health club corporates ripped us off (over a Mac Venomous Villains Eyeliner).

    Recently it would appear that Nike Dunk Shoes had just magically exploded onto the sneaker scene and almost single-handedly taken the shoe industry by storm creating a footwear revolution in the process.

    For long time skater, Streetwear manufacturer and sneaker buff Angel Cabada, the founder of Wholesale Jerseys, the journey has been a long and eventful one with plenty of twists and turns rather than a quick, direct blast to the top of the sneaker game.

    Angel started his first company, known as TSA, with some fellow skaters who were mainly into making clothes that they could wear when skating. That was 1991 and it lasted for around ten years until Angel decided to leave so he could do his own thing. The company he founded in 2002 was KR3W, his current apparel brand that he manages along with Discount Adidas shoes the distribution umbrella for the two projects known quite simply and aptly as One Distribution; initially built to cut out the middleman in the European distribution process.

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