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Ren (anime_kiwi) wrote,
@ 2004-05-05 15:24:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:tv

    anime ^_^ kiwi
    I didn't write for a while and im sorry... today im going to be all open okk? lol

    The reason why I always want to go back to my childhood is because basicly
    i never had one. When I was a 10 years old girl My mind was set to these
    rules 'I only spoke when spoken too' and 'I only talked when i wanted to
    be hear by other' other wise i didnt say or do anything, at the time I lived
    in Japan with my Aunt and i never met mio, my mother or father yet I never
    even knew that they exisited.. When I was around 12 I was sitting in my room
    and my Aunt comes in with some girl and says 'this is moimika, your sister she
    is 15 years old' and im like 'Okay, cool.' I felt like this was normal and I still
    think it is well at least to me, im not upset at my parents at all for leaving me
    at my Aunt's house and not being introduced to my mom until i was just 14
    she came up to me and said 'Are you Ren?' and im like 'Yes' and she was like
    'REN! Im your mother!' and im like 'Okay, Cool. Where's my dad' *pause*
    'He couldn't make it' and then when im 16 i find that my mom was never married,
    therefore i do not have a dad.. At 16 i realized not to trust anybody, not even
    your parents. I always want to go back to age 14 cause thats when me and mom
    went to Hawaii and I met all these people. Although I met Hiroshi in Japan when I
    was 12 but we really didnt know each other until later later in Hawaii... I am now
    17 and I only new my mother for 3 years... Although I only lived with her for 1
    year the other 2 years she lived in Japan. she still does. a couple of months ago
    my mother called me up and told me that I wasnt a mistake and She wanted to
    have me more then ever, maybe not with the right person but she wanted me..
    if she wanted me soo bad why did she desert me for 14 years and she took care
    of Mio! grr.. bye!

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