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animaltimes (animaltimes) wrote,
@ 2004-02-21 01:44:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Trying Your Luck- The Strokes

    heh . . . "Subject"
    Not much to talk about here. My life is quite boring as you already know . . .

    School was cool today. Today was the first day that I was in school on a Friday, meaning today was the first day that I had art. Which was cool.

    My lab partner in bio class is a crazy fucker. We were observing live fish (yea, im against it) and before I could say anything he threw the fish into a tank with snapper turtles that he hatched and donated to the school . . . If that wasn't shitty he went around and started throwing everyone else's fish into the tank . . .

    I feel shitty about things with Melissa. I know that she likes me a lot and I led her on in the begining, I thought I liked her. I got her mad because on Tuesday I was walking with her to the lunch room and I told her that I wanted to stop and say hi to Amy and that I'll be right back . . . uhh . . . I didn't come back.

    Anyway . .

    I'm probably going to be demoing tomorrow with Chrissy and Nick. It should be fun.

    I got a package from Jason this week. He's the coolest ever. He sent me a copy of Evasion and some other book and a bunch of old zines. Everyone has to read Evasion. As soon as I get some money I'm going to buy a few copies and give them away to friends and strangers.

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