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Danielle (angelindisquise) wrote,
@ 2003-02-01 19:11:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:i love you.. faith evans... cuz i do love u justin

    ...break upz...:'(
    well i just broke up with justin.. i told him that i loved him and that i wanted to be with him but until he can prove to me that im the only one that im going to break up with him.. and he was like ur going to listen to my punk ass uncle and i said no im following my heart and i told him that i love him with my whole heart but that he needed to prove his love for me.. and he said how am i supposed to prove it and i said if you love me you will.. and he hung up on me hes pretty mad at me.. i cant blame him but i dont konw why he hung up on me and wouldnt continue to talk to me but oh wellz.. i feel like crying but im not going to.. im going to be strong.. i miss him so much and i know its going to be hard for him to prove anything but i mean if he loves me he'll find a way.. well i dunno.. there isnt much else to say.. this is my second time writing this time.. and having to write this sucks but what can ya do.. i mean i love him soo much but i had to do this.. it was the only way i would know if he was really in love with me and if he really wanted to be with me.. well i got to go buh byez.. love always..

    justin i love you with all my heart but you have to prove that im the only one and that you love me with all you heart.. im sorry.. i had to do this.. but i do love you

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