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Danielle (angelindisquise) wrote,
@ 2003-02-15 00:43:00
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    Current mood: indescribable

    Well, Me and Justin decided to have an open relationship until we can see each other again.. Since the fact that we don't get to see each other like we would wish, we just thought it was be easier on us if we had an open relationship, which i like.. Anyways though some drama that has happened.. i thought me and justin broke up well the fact of the matter is.. we didn't well i had started going out with Jeff and i liked him.. or so i think.. well anyways justin told me that he wasnt going to tell me he loves me until i broke up with jeff, so i broke up with him but now he hates me, and i guess i like him, but not as much as this guy vick that i was with tonight.. we were so close to having sex, but i wouldnt let him.. it was so hard to say no, but i did and im proud that i did, anyways im not a smut i dont even know the boy.. ive only met him 2 times and that hes friends with katie, well anyways when i kissed him it felt like there was no one else there.. ive never felt a kiss like that before, ever, it was just perfect. omg i dont know how to describe him, hes soo cute. . i like him, i hope he likes me too.. i swear we were making out for like 4 hours.. it didnt even seem that long, it seemed like maybe an hour topz.. ugh well i dunno how to describe how i feel right now, but seriously i never felt a kiss like that, he kisses perfectly, like ive never met a better kisser.. omg.. ugh i need to stop.. okay im getting off of here.. buh byez

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