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Danielle (angelindisquise) wrote,
@ 2003-02-03 12:29:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:you're still the one.. by shania twain.. for u baby

    i love love
    im soo happy.. i love justin so much.. last night we had a lil talk... talk about us like always.. i asked him what he wanted and he was like well i dont know cuz you seem to get jealous alot.. i said yeah i get jealous because they get to be with you.. i dont.. of course im jealous of them.. im just jealous because they are lucky enough to be with you at the time and i can only talk to you on the phone.. i was like do you understand and he was like yeah im with you.. i was like i just want to feel like you still want me that you still want to be with me and he said baby your all i want.. i said well i dont want to hold you back.. i mean if you find someone down there that you want to be with i want you to be with them.. well i dont but i want you to be happy and i dont want to hold you back.. he said i would never let that happen because i not looking to anyone down there and that i wouldnt let it happen because i love you and i want to be with you... he was like i miss you soo much baby and i just want to be with you.. because i love you.. awww.. i love him soo much.. anyways though.. mark is a dick head.. nuff said bout that.. i just dont want to talk to him anymore.. he ruined our friendship and thats his fault.. oh wellz though.. you know.. how you take things for granted.. like the small things that you never knew were so important until you dont have them anymore.. like i miss the way justin used to put his arms around me from behind.. how he used to just hold me and tell me how much he loves me.. and just kissing him.. i never knew how much i could miss that from one person.. i miss him so much.. ive never missed someone so much before.. i mean all i can think about is the way he used to hold me and the way he used to find the spot on my neck and kiss it ever so gently and the way he used to look in my eyes and tell me that he loves me.. and make me feel like im the only person in the world that matters at the very moment in time.. ahhhh.. all the lil things that just i took for granted.. i wish i never did... i love him so much.. and i cant help the way i feel i just want to see him again.. i love the way he loves me.. and i love the way he makes me feel.. ahhh i cant wait to see him.. well i know i just keep talking bout justin and i know u dont want to hear bout him anymore.. so im going to get off of here.. buh byez.. love ya lotz.. justin I love you..

    justin i love u .. this feels like forever doesnt it baby.. 12.o4.o2..even if it doesnt last forever ur a person that i will never ever forget.. i love u baby with everything that i am

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