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Frances (angelicone2006) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 21:19:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:too many songs to name...

    The new words/phrases: Miscellaneous, Smack that ab, It's Sexy

    After Shari and I did our math thang(WITH A BOOK, wow it was easier! and I remembered some of it), we left the home of moi and ventured to the home of Shari. She felt a bit woozy from her Rum slush thing-hahaha. We talked of Jack Sparrow moments and waited for our friends to arrive. Amanda was the first of 5. Then Ashley called and was wondering where her ride, Jessica, was. And then Jessica came, and I was relaying info from phone to Jess and back. We typed Amanda's line on the computer(hahaha) while listening to "Moonlight Serenade" and "Swords Crossed" from PotC. And so Ashley finally arrived and we started filming the Bootleg Ring. Jessica and Ashley('s miscellaneous other character which is not Somara) were in the first scene and Jessica died. But before Jessica died, they had to sit in Shari's room and "watch TV" but Jessica forgot to bring her back pack in the hall with her, twould have been a good blooper(which we had many of). And then as Jessica died, she scrame bloody frickin murder! it was louder than the static on the TV! and then Ashley came in and scrame like a little girl, twas funny. Then we did the scene with Mr. Parks in it bc he had to be all business like and he wanted to change outta his work clothes fast or somat so that scene was rushed but it was good and Ashley as Somara walked past the windows with a knife... disturbing

    Then we ventured to the home of Shari's grandparents(goodness, that house is "Ginormahugic", i think thats what Claire said about something one time) It's one of the biggest houses ive been in and my mama was realtor and we got to go to TONS of big houses, fun fun! Anyway, so we filmed the scene with Shari's gma as "babysitter" and Shari's sister as "Molly"(represented the lil boy in the Ring, what was his name?)... And then we ventured to the Edom graveyard/cemetary... me&Jessica were scared and didnt wanna step on the dead ppl bc we didn't want them to reach up through the ground and grab us or curse us... We were gonna stay longer but Ashley stepped in ants and her feet were COVERED! and I miscellaneously have an ant bite on my hand. And then Jessica thought Shari was posessed because she miscellaneously dropped her flashlight for a while and woudn't pick it up... hahaha... And I nearly killed Jessica in the Mule(woops!) I didn't know it would go *that* fast! I've never driven a Mule.... Golf Carts, I can drive... the Mule scares me... Just imagine if it had been the kind of Mule the Camp ppls have... I prolly would have killed Swanky! AW NO!!!! That makes me feel worse! But anyway, this was long before we went to the cemetary... After the cemetray I killed Ashley.... not literally, but acting.... She fell in wet grass. And I'm a horrid actress, but I think that's just bc everybody was sitting and watching me... I would like to be a movie actress... I could never do live stuff... But I have decided that since Shari is gonna be a Director, I'm gonna be the Costume Designer for her movies! hehehe... And then we went inside and slen the cool room that me&Amanda thought would be a good Home Theater! And Jess, Claire, and I went to sleep around 5 am or so... I broke my toe, too but I dunno when... I think it was before Claire&I did our PotC scene... "Bootstrap's Bootstraps"....... and then I woke up about 7 ish and had to pee so I ventured downstairs... into the "gothic" bathroom(i think that was the one). Twas interesting. And then I went back upstairs and was paranoid Ashley was gonna be behind one of the couches hiding with her Somara costume on and I could get back to sleep bc I was Somara-noid(paranoid about Somara, I just made that up, aren't I witty?) yea so I got out my CD player and such and listened to my cool Camp/Summer 2003 CD and drifted off while doing that. Amanda woke me up with her moving around the room bc she was hot and fell asleep by the vent and I woke up freezing and DUDE it was cold enuff to snow up there!
    And so around 10, Shari comes in and wakes us up and tells us to get ready and then eat breakfast(I had Raisin Bran, not my fav, but it did)... And then Shari's mama came and got ua and we went back to Shari's and charged the camera so we could watch our movie. And we went upstairs and I watched the ppl play Blurt(an interesting game made by Webster). I hugged Shari's Legolas stand-up about 30 times total in the time i was at her house total... Then Amanda's mama came and got Ashley&her and took 'em to the hospital and Claire, Jess and I waited on Jessica's mama to get there and while the camera was STILL charging, we watched some Daredevil thing and a Winona Rider thing came on after it and it reminded me of JDepp's tatoo "Wino Forver" and I kept saying it miscellaneously and then Claire&Jessica were staring at me and i said "It's an inside joke" and pointed to my head! Twas clever i thought! And we all talked of Swords(which I like), sheths(Claire likes those), pickles(Claire likes those too), and Fluff(some marshmellowy stuff that smells bad and claire like it)... Claire told Jessica to put fluff on a pickle and eat it.... and then we were discussing Ben Affleck and Claire said somat about his head bein' too big and Shari laughed and I thot about it and laughed and Jessica thought about it longer than me and laughed... Slow reactions... And then Jessica's mama came RIGHT BEFORE they were gonna talke about Wino's lovers and JDepp was one, damn! So then We are all lookin for the camera wires but we can't find them so we just leave but I can't find one of my shoes and it was miscellaneously in Shari's parents' bedroom... *sigh* Then I came home and mama pretty much almost force fed me lunch but i wasnt hungry and she went back to work bc her lunch break was almost over.

    And then like @2:30 I went in my room intending to take a nap but my bed had stuff ALL over it so I didn't... I got my pillows and a blanket and went in mama's room! Then I fell asleep, but @4:30 mama called and asked me what I wanted for dinner, I vaguely remember this and she said chick fil a and i was like "yea" and i think i souded high... and then just as i was dozing again, daddy called and told me they weren't goin to the lake and they prolly would tomorrow and i was like "maybe" and i think i may have hung up on him... woops! And then I fell asleep again and mama woke me up by opening to back door(it's QUITE loud) and goin' "Mama's hooooooome" and she came back there and checked on me and told me she'd bring me my food and i was like "ok"... I barely remember all this, but i do all the same... and i ate and went straight back to sleep... woke up again due to the fact i was sweating like a pig... mama was in here lookin @Johnny Depp pictures and there were some from a Potc press conference and there was REALLY good ones of Orlando Bloom.... One was ESPECIALLY good! ah man... and then I got on and that leads me to this thing...

    We got our schedules today too... I have a class with everyone except for my math class... Prolly got stuc with all the stupid freshmen... damn

    Ima go back to bed now... gotta get up early tomorrow for Dance registration

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