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a§hLeY (angeleyez18) wrote,
@ 2004-03-07 23:25:00
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    Current mood: mischievous
    Current music:hOoBaStAnK - tHe ReAsOn

    mY WiLd WeEkEnD....Ya'LL MiGhT nOT wAnNa ReAd tHiS :P
    well i figure its about time for an update. this weekend was a lot of fun. friday night me and amy went to barbourville and cruised around like all night lol. it was great until it started POURING the rain. i had to do like 35 all the way home cuz i couldnt see nothin. but it was fun just to get out and have a "girls night." she's been havin trouble with her man so i figured i'd help take her mind off it. saturday was prolly the craziest night of all. i went out with mom and we went shoppin most of the day. then i met josh in m'boro and we went to eat then he took me to get some beer. woo i love the jack daniels hurricane punch. :D anyways...we drove around town for a while. i saw my mom in big lots so we stopped by there and went in to talk to her. we ended up goin somewhere to sit while i could drink my beer. josh is a nut i swear lol. i wasnt even drunk but we were actin as crazy as ever. josh decides he's gonna umm rid himself of his clothing and drive around that way the rest of the he thinks i need to do it too. it was so funny. he had my thongs hangin from his rear view mirror lol...gah im laughin just thinkin about it. but umm on the way back home we tried somethin a lil new...neither one of us had tried it before but it was very interesting. kinda complicated but lots of fun. well we were supposed to come back to my house but we ended up goin to barbourville and drivin around for a while. we were in my car this time and yes we had clothes on lol. there wasnt really nothin to do down there so we came back home. gosh i dont even know what time i got home but it was really late. anyways...that was my wonderful weekend. oh yes i almost forgot...lori is comin in this week to stay a few days. i think she's gonna stay a few days with me and a few with julie. wooo that will be fun. josh is wantin to come spend the night with me some nights this week too. gah i'll prolly have even more crazy stories to tell. lol oh well...later girls

    Ashley Loves Josh

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