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Mr Diaz (angel_xylon) wrote,
@ 2004-10-11 15:34:00
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    Current mood: apathetic

    Uni 1
    I haven’t written on here in quite a while now. Mainly just because of time and not having any what with Clarissa. She keeps me very busy! Also I feel bad that I spend too much time on the Mac/Net when she is there so I kind of forget about writing in my diary. Believe it or not I am not actually at University, sitting in my room, great view outside, and a hungry belly because I can’t be bothered to cook anything quite yet. It is 4:36 so I shouldn’t be doing any food anyway, am just very hungry! Not sure what I’m going to do as haven’t got any frozen food with me. Its weird things are a bit like a holiday at the moment. No lectures, work, meetings or lecturers. I’ve just been drinking and socialising. I kind of wish that the course would start, because I want to know how everything is going to be like.

    I miss Clarissa just ever so slightly! Cried when she had to leave. Everyone (Mum, Dad, Jo, Sarah, and Clarissa) didn’t stay that long really but I think it was better that way because then I couldn’t get too attached to them. There are still things to sort out at the moment like forms, enrolment, student loan, rah too much stuff!

    Am going out to Shafts tonight for the party thing with Toby Anstis, ooh fun lol. See how it goes. Worthington’s is £1.55 cool :), looks like that’s my drink for the future. I better go now to cook some food. It’s scary stuff!

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