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Leih: Mistress of teh Depp-ness. O_O;;; (angel_aerith) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 10:37:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:AmIEvil-Death on the Snowfield FF remix

    I hate shots, I hate shots.....
    You know it's one thing for me to have to have three shots for school but please PLEASE at least give me fair warning for my first one! Do you know what my dad did?

    Well...picture yourself as a needle-phobic type person. You wake up in the morning all happy and lazy. Now your dad walks in and tells you that you have to get up and get dressed really quick, because guess what? You have your first shot today at 8:00. I just want everyone to know that my arm still hurts, the place where the needle was stuck throbs really REALLY painfully at the moment, and I have limited use of my right arm now because of it.

    I really want to kill something at the moment.

    I would go play Xenosaga but that would mean tensing my arm muscles. Which would would inevitably cause more unwanted pain.

    In fact I'm having to type this out using only my left hand, which is no easy feat considering I'm right handed.

    I think I'm going to get a nice little bribe out of this though. Lunch at my favorite resturaunt and maybe something from my mom. I doubt it but maybe.

    I like bribes.

    But what I really want right now is an ice pack or frozen food or something because OWWW!!!! The lady doing the shot had to stick e like two times to get to the right place. The dumbass.

    Oh well...what's done is done. I still wish I had an ice pack though. ;____;

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