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Andy (andy_the_thug) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 16:21:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:"Cleaning Out My Closet" Eminem...

    Yes, Andy is listening to Eminem. Blame Monica.
    Jackie will you PLEASE talk to me?? I'm tired of this. If you don't, I'ma personally go over to your house and MAKE you talk to me, and you know I will I've done it before... OK, I got my AIM fixed. Monica just told me to un-install then re-install it. That was a pain in da ass, fo rizzle. Went to school, nothing special. College sucks. I wish I was done and over with it but I decided to wait a couple years to... break. Haha. Unlike that bitch Monica that had to be a smarty pants and went right away and got it done and over with. Oh MONICA! I know you want to suck my dick it ain't that big of a secret ;) You and me in the bathroom in about 5 minutes. LMAO, I'm playin'.

    I hate you, Mike.

    And I hate you too, Alan. You suck major dick. You TP my house again I'ma kill you 'cuz dat's a bitch cleanin' da shit up, dawg. When I see you tonight, I'ma smack you. 'CUZ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Okay that was fucked up. No, I am not gay. I gotta go. Got stuff to do, go to Monica's and drink.. Haha.. yeah.. Aiight. Bye!

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