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ugotTAGd (andwhogottagd) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 16:08:00
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    New Voices Order
    *NV- Feel The Painnnn.
    *Does anyone REALLY know What's Eating Vagina Grape?
    *I just had an epitome!
    *You ARE the full package!
    *Excuse me, is that pony loaf? Rice-a-Poni.
    *Shut up Gabe.
    *May I have more potato salad and fried chicken?
    *OMG, that's terrible. I've NEVER heard anyone use that word so freely.
    *Elevator rides in the dark.
    *GO TO BED.
    *Hi my name is Meghan, and there's nothing interesting about me. Blahty blahty blah blah blah, tweetle deedle dee.
    *I'd like a talled iced caffe mocha and a jumbo chocolate chip muffin. It's ALWAYS $4.97 on my day.
    *Not on my time!
    *No Stoning.
    *Hey Sexy People... and barbara.
    *Pale penis dragon.
    *Stealing street signs should not be illegal.
    *Oh Joseph! Up to your old tricks again. Trying to make children feel bad about their futures.
    *It's called "Real Sex" and it's not porn.
    *I've been here for while now. Got nothing better to do than count the days til my escape. For 11,568 hours I've patiently awaited..... SHIIIIITTTT......FUCKKKK...
    *I saw you wearing those gay boy glasses.
    *Don't play in the rain... especially at Donna's house.
    *O is for ohhh in the bathtub.
    *Changing voice recordings on Barbara's cell phone is fun.
    *Pistachios are evil.
    *So is peanut butter.
    *You're so anal.
    *Look the White Stripes.. let's all freak out.
    *Newspapers inspire.
    *Starbucks is a higher power.

    I miss you all more than you could imagine.
    Thank you all for the inspiration.
    Keep it up, you are amazing.

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