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Christin (andshefades) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 22:27:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Ben Folds-Leather Jacket

    Fireworks in my heart
    Tonight i had to work but i got off a little early. I had some nice visitors while i was there. Ryan came to see me for a long while and i really enjoyed talking to him.. he is such a cool guy. i want to become better friends with him. i am going to stop by his house tomorrow to get his 'lyndsay diaries' cd tomorrow. his band is playing with them next tuesday.. that is SO cool! Also ender andrew and bobby came to see me. And later jill brought danny. that was not a good idea. Danny does not even want to be my friend anymore. I think that is really stupid. But.. whatever he wants i guess.. Hm.. he will probably end up liking jill. oh well.
    i cant wait till sunday.. i cannot wait to hang out with alex. wooo

    I am still hoping for new orleans... it would be so amazing to get away from all of this stuff i am going through. i get really worried about myself sometimes. I am not trying to exxagerate, or be a cool emo kid.. but for some reason my emotions have been just going crazy lately. One minute i am wanting to just lay down and not wake up.. and the next i just want to go wild and i am happy.. i dont know what the deal is.. i just want to be a overall happy person and not have to worry about dramatic chaos will happen with every coming day of my life. why cant things be simple?

    tomorrow i am going running with markam and we are going to wendy's after to talk over some frosties. i am also going to hang out with justin tomorrow night. i miss that boy a lot.. we have been through a lot and im glad we are back to talking again. he is a really cool guy.

    Tonight when i got home from work i walked outside and my breath was taken away.. the weather was so crisp and cold.. it felt so wonderful.. i looked up at the sky.. and i saw stars. lots and lots of stars. that doesnt happen at my house. i never see them.. but tonight they are so vibrant.. i just laid down on my driveway and looked at them for a long time .. and was thinking. and then i heard cracking and i sat up and to the left there were fireworks going off.. they were so pretty and they made me get butterflies. i wanted to cuddle in the cold with Him

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