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Andi (andi2700) wrote,
@ 2005-02-20 00:23:00
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    Current mood: weird

    "Kat is an animal that always lands on her feet."
    i don't know why that's there, i just put it there...thought it was cool. I'm in one of those moods where I wanna just ramble on about complete nothingness and no one's here to let me ramble to them...tis quite depressing...they're probably all out doing something with their friends...i mean, it's a Saturday

    i worked 2day. for most of the day actually...i walked in and got yelled at b/c i was trying to figure out where they wanted me to be for the next 8 and half hours...go fig...but oh was deb. i love that woman anyway...she's great; she knows what she's doing; but she comes across as a complete ditz. she's a great laugh...never really gets on my nerves, which is AWESOME! oh, i love her! so after work, we're telling deb that we're all going over to Ground Round (restaurant next door where we get our happy juice) and she's like, "I don't know"...well, eventually, she came over, which, omg, she was a godsend! by the time she got there, none of us had any idea what we were going to talk about next, but as soon as she got there, she's like, "Okay, I need your help on something" and so we gave her our "professional"'s the deal...she met the guy whom she really likes, and for their "first date" he invites her over to his, she's got 2 of them's a little older than me; and the other's we're all like, "Okay, no. You're not going!" yes, 8 TRU Employees are telling a store world leader (step down from manager) that she's not to go over to this guy's house...and that they should do some things publically go on dates! So she then is like, "Okay, so what do i tell this guy then?" and we're all like, " have a daughter...tell him she's sick and you have to go home to her...tell him you promised that you'd go out with us the next time you closed on a Saturday...tell him anything! Make something up!!" and lo and behold, her daughter calls b/c she's not feeling well...i swear, that was timing and a half...we all were like, "Well, there's your reasoning!" and i think that's what she's going to tell him. her daughter's another sweetheart...met her maybe once or twice, but she's nice...

    Um...what else...OH! yeah, we started talking about things that happened 2nite...and one of them was a kid...this kid, i swear, got up to the front of the store and started screaming, and it wasn't like it was a little bit b/c he wanted a toy or something...i mean, all out; full fledged screaming, and the mother did nothing! did absolutely nothing! From what i saw, one of the 2 this woman had took the toy from the younger one and took off with it...meanwhile, the mom is trying to get the younger one to walk and not being successful in it, so the kid continues to the top of his lungs! i was like, "Woman get the kid out of the store already!!" but i didn't say it out loud. that could've gotten me fired. so i didn't say anything...Deb, tho...she took that woman and her 2 kids up to Service Area where Karen had to deal with her...haha, that was fun! the woman left and it was quiet...omw...those 2 were lucky they weren't my kids. they both would've been taken outside, put in the car, taken home and put to bed...and IF they're lucky enough to come out of their rooms, they'd get fed...haha, no, i would've fed them by now...i mean, this was somewhere around, oh, 730-800ish. i think that was the point where we all said, "I need a drink" and the plans to go next door began...

    okay, so anyway...while we're at GR with deb, we told her everything! I mean, you never saw anyone open up as much as we did 2nite...we hit her with the problems we had with management; Paula and what ppl think about her, but we all laughed so hard 2nite...omg, it was great...i heard about a manager we had named Jonathan....little oriental guy...but funny as hell! he would literally tell guests "No no say fuck you to me!" and hang up the phone! one time, deb was telling us about a return she had had...this guy wanted to return a system and policy dictates 45 days; even exchange ONLY if defective...well, the guest wasn't going to have it, so Jonathan came up and this guy (guest) started freaking out on him and Jonathan was like, "I no take it back! You take it away now." and the guest was becoming irate, and jonathan kept with the "I no take it go away now!" deb was in stitches, apparently, and couldn't breathe by the end of it...OH! another jonathan story...Andrew (who now works in stock room) was working over in RZone (video games) and a while back there was this promotion, i suppose, where you spent so much you got a furbie (yeah, remember those things?!) and it was one of those things that a guest wanted a black one, but the deal was, whatever the cashier pulled out, that's what you got....well, the guest wanted a black one and told Andrew that he had to keep picking until he got a black one...andrew said he couldn't...jonathan was called over..."i no give you black one...this what you get." woman starts arguing..."i sorry, but this what you get...too bad..." woman: This isn't fair! Jonathan: Then go K-mart! omg, the entire table was dying!! then, those of us that have no idea who this guy is, are all like, "I WANNA KNOW THIS MAN!!"

    Then we went into Paula. My God, if she could hear what we were saying...remind me sometime later to tell y'all about that...right now, i'm ready to fall over b/c the high has worn off...NITE!!

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