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micro cuts (amnesthesiac) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 17:02:00
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    Current mood: quixotic
    Current music:"Hyper Music" by Muse

    Space Dementia
    I'm not sure where to begin...

    I'll start at the party...

    My family headed out to Macaroni Grill at about 5:45, and I sat on the terrible stucco wall, gazing out at the congestion on the freeway. Nasal congestion....freeway congestion...? Nevermind. Well, my sister's boyfriend, Dan, and his family arrive at about six, and I try to avoid major eye contact with Dan's brother, Mike, because he is the size of a small bear. I try and destoy the little beeper that indicates whether your table is ready or not, and space out. I found a rock that was "screwdriver-like", and I happily twisted the sad screws out of their little home. I remove three and look in the inside, prodding at things that may or may not be important, while my family and Dan's make idle chit-chat. As I poke and pull the bepper, something sets it off, either me or the restaurant, and I drop it on the ground. No one notices, but it looks odd to me, lying there, vibrating and humming, so I put it back together. I guess there was a Lunar Eclipse last night, but I didn't see it. Anyway, we entered Macaroni Grill, and sat at our respected seats. While people requested drinks, I asked for a water and 8 crayons. The waiter came back with 9. My sister and I began to draw a castle, with a porticullis, two towers on either side, and archers in the battlements. I drew a man being shot with arrows and with large "X"'s for eyes, but my plate covered it up. I split the portebello and pepper calzonetto with my sister. I ate two then borrowed Dan's cell phone to call Trey. I walked out of the restaurant and barely managed to hear him. Aparrently his mother rented a game, one that try didn't want, then she went back to the video store, seeking the sequel to that game. She returned to his house angry, for some reason. Either he didn't know, or I couldn't hear him, either way...

    We came back to my house and ate a weird marmalade cake, and I played my bass for a bit. Dan, Mike and Leah wanted to go see "Elf", but I knew it was going to be bad, so I called Greg's cell. He was at a party, so he dropped Kyle off at his house and picked me up. Matt was waiting at the street corner with a dead look, and I stepped into the 10:00 chill. We played a sad game of Football with a little toddler, Jacob, and some of the kids. We went inside and to the backyard, throwing the football across the pool, hoping one of the little kids didn't fall in. If they did, I would've saved them with my "swimming skills." The party was boring, we presents for someone, and the music was just a little too loud to enjoy. We returned to Matt's house around 1 and I played Yoshi's Island 'till two.

    More later, now I must go and shower for church. *sigh* Yippee..

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