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alison f (amfost) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 02:04:00
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    It's two a.m. on a friday night and I'm doing something I never thought I would. I'm sitting at home alone typing on the computer listening to my neighbors upstairs having sex. I'm twenty three, sexy, and have a career; why am I not out having fun...having sex? It's been a year since I graduated from college and I can't say I'm all that happy about it. In the past year I was able to get myself out of debit and then back into it.

    God, I hate how thin the ceilings are!

    Anyway, once I got out of college I moved back home with my parents; as I'm sure most young graduates do. I found myself determed to going out a get a career in graphic design or photography. After countless bad interviews (I'm not ready to get into them just yet) I gave up. My credit card bills were coming and I had no money and no job. So I settled for a job that I had as a senior in highschool. I became a bank teller. As a teller I was working with a very elite staff of much older women. Which isn't all that bad they can really be quite amusing. I was the youngest by twenty years and all the women we going through menapaus. I can't tell you how many time it made me giggle to watch these women standng at their teller windows ripping off layers of clothes, postioning little fans all over the place, and eating mound of chocalate. Needless to say I gained some weight working there.

    Two months go by and I find myself back in school but this time I'm not getting a degree I'm getting a certificate for graphic design. You know better beef up my resume.

    A month after I take on this extra schooling, I get a second job. I work as a waitress at a bar. This is all good but his bar is in chicago, and my parents live abot an hour away without traffic. I had no life, I had two jobs and night school. I would go to the bank during the day, school Monday nights, and the bar Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Although I wasn't going out to the bars and having fun, I was still having fun at a bar. The Tippling House (the bar) was awesome. Bands would come and play, comic's would do stand up, and best of all I met some really great people.
    After I started at the Tippling House Brian and James got hired. Brian was a manager of another bar in the city but need some extra cash, and James had other means of income but still work like some extra cash, as well has a cover. Brian and James were best friends, who did everthing together. James was the Doorman and Brian was the bar back. I would go and talk with james whenever it was slow, and Brian and I would play fight in the kitchen or as we passed each other on the floor.
    One night in October James asked me to come out with them and some of their friends. I was all up for it. I hadn't been out in ages. The good thing was James and Brian still lived with their parents too, and their parents lived near mine. So I met them at Boogie Nights. Boogie Nights is a stupid retro wannna be bar. But it was good times. Brian didn't end up coming since he was exhausted. But I had a great time dancing with James and getting a little tippsy. This started my hanging out with James.
    In December, James and Brian started subleasing a townhouse in the city. The townhouse was a four bedroom and they needed roommates and I joked about moving in with them but they seriously wanted me to, so I started to seriously concinderit. One saturday night, after work, we all stayed at the bar for acouple of drinks. Jim, the owner even stayed. While jim was getting a beer from the cooler me and Brian decided it would be fun to moon the boss! So we ran over and just as jim was closing the cooler door and turnning toward us, we dropped pants! Jim yelled "oh, God! Who over server Alison!" Of course they expect to see ass from a guy but when a girl bares hers she's been over served. But Jim was right I was drunk. So Brian and James offered me their sofa.
    The Townhouse was amazing. It was four stories, with a garage, a whirlpool jaquzzi, and skylights. We hung out in the livingroom. It was good times, we drank and talked. James went up to bed and Brian and I watched a movie. Trust me I was ready for sleep but who am I to deny him from watching a movie in his own house. Somehow we were spooning on the couch, Brain was kissing my neck, and then we were making out. Things started to really heat up, clothes were being thrown around, but we still had on some clothes when I said "we shouldn't, we might be roommates." and he rlied "that why we should do this now when were not roommates." And I say "I'm a very jealious person and couldn't handle you bringing anyone else home." He says " There's only one person I want to bring home and she's already here." This goes on for a while and finally I say "Not tonight, if it's meant to be we'll be in this situtation again."
    The next morning I leave feeling very happy with myself...I actually have selfcontroll! On my drive home I was wieghing the good and bad of living with them. Good- it would be fun, I'd be in the city out of my parents house, near the bar. Bad- my father would kill me, I'd never lived with boys before except my brother and he was disgusting, it was far from school and work. So I talked things over with a lot of people. I got mostly a negative response, but then I talked with Bret, a bartender that worked with us, and he told me to go for it. He said what have you got to lose worst comes to worst you move back in with your parents. So I moved out of my parents and in with Brian and James in Janurary!
    Mondays I would leave the apartment by 6 a.m and not get home until 10:30 p.m. Tuesdays I would leave by 6 a.m. and get home around 7 p.m. but Tuesday we would go to the Tippling house to visit Bret and hang out. Wednesday was the same, and Thursday I would work at the bank then the bar, same with Friday and Saturday. Sunday was when James, Raja and I hung out. Raja was Brians Boxer, I loved that dog. Brian would make appearances somethimes, But for the most part he would be out with his girlfriend Lynnora. Yes I did say girlfriend. They had dated for nine year but had broken up in August when She kick Brian out of his own apartmetn and let soem guy she met on vaction move in. I tried to be frineds with her but she wasn't too happy I was living with her boyfriend. So James and I became close. Too close, James was starting to like me. He was very open about so I just laughed it off, what else could I do.
    Raja, Brians dog, loved me. She would follow me all over the house. Even if all what I was doing was going up stairs to go to the bathroom. The town house was set up that you whould enter and either go downstairs to the laundry room and and bedroom with a door to go to the backyard(aka the shitbox; for Raja of course), or you could go up stairs to the kitchen and livingroom. On the thrid floor was my room and a bathroom and James's room. and the forth floor was Brians room. The guys were nice enough to give me the master bedroom, which had the whirlpol jacquzzi bathtub in it!
    One Tuesday night around four in the morning I was woken up. Brian was in my room, and I rolled over so my back was to him and mumbled " What's going on?" and he said " I came to get my dog." Raja would sleep in my room and I would leave my door open so she could move around when ever she wanted. Which is what confused wasn't my door open couldn't she have just walked out when Brian came home? So I asked Brian and he said that my door was open. I took it as a sign. So I held out my arm and made grabby motions with my hand, he took it and I pulled him into bed. He said "what's going on?" I replied "you woke me up, you tell me." and before we knew what was going on we were know, having fun. When my alarm went off and Brian was still in my bed I realized that it actually happened I was just dreaming. My god he was good enogh to be a dream. So I got ready for work and bundled up his clothes and sent him up to his room...we could have James finding out. It was bad enough that we were roommates but our other roommate would have been jealious and we didn't need that.
    Brian would come in to my room and I was always willing which I know is a big no no. You're suposed to make the guy beg for it. But I wanted him, and I really didn't care that he had a girlfirend, I didn't want to be his girlfriend. Don't get me wrong I like Brian a lot but I only found him mildly cute, and he was to getto for me. He would go out in basketball gear, I really do like guys that are clean cut, or atleast t-shirt and jeans...not warm up suits!

    Brian and James.

    He was my protector. One night I was working, this really nasty old biker guy came up behind me while I was taking a tables order and he Goosed me! I was so pissed. Just two weeks earlier I was passed out at my brothers apartment and I woke up to his roommates finger in my cunt, so you can just imamgine my furry when this nasty guy goosed me. I turned around and started bitching him out! Which mind you wasn't very professional but honestly, I didn't care that was my ass and cunt he had no right to grab it! James saw my face from acroosed the bar and came right over ahd told the guy he had to leave. James this 250, 6.3, black man who would ever argue with him! So the guy left and James became my protector. Luckly the women I was serving understood and was proud of me for standing up for myself.
    Brian was always shy. It took him two weeks before he would talk to me. After that though, we had a lot of fun. We would fight like brother and sister. He really liked to try to drop me in the trash. One night we all stayed after work and had a couple of drinks, Brian and I decided it would be fun to moon Jim (our boss). So while jim was getting a beer out of the cooler we turned our asses torward him and dropped pants so the first thing he saw when he got out of the cooler was two bare asses! Jim pretended to be upset but we all knew he liked it. I was hoping he would feel like one of the gang then, but he was our boss and that wasn't going to change anytime soon.
    In January I moved in with Brian and James. My father was furious. I was moving in with tow guys but not just two guys, a big black man and a Eminem wantta be! We had so much fun living together. We would go out almost everynight, adn sleep on the days of the weekend. Brian quit the Tippling house becuase he was the assistant manager of Jack's Tap (another bar). Around christmas it's hard enough being and employee whereas an assisitant manager. Also Brian began seeing his ex-girlfriend again. In Febuary James left the Tippling House, and became a bouncer at Heavenly Bodies (a gentelmans club). I stayed working my two jobs, and the Tippling house got a new doorman...Greg.
    Greg was from Kalamazoo Michigan, where I was born and raised. Greg started flirting with me, and I flirted right back. He looked like John Cusack in Say Anything. But it was February and Brian and I had started sleeping together. I know he has a girlfriend, but there was something about Brian that I just became infactuated with. Back to Greg, I decide I was going to take things slow, because I was sick of being the girl you fuck and leave. I was going to make him work for it. So we secretly saw each other, I thought it was because we didn't want people at work talking about us but really it was because he wanted to see how many Tippling House girls he could get. We would go out after work and I would spend the night some times but never gave it up. One monday night I went over to his place and we did the deed and I basically never heard from him again. I held out on him the longest I ever had a month and it still didn't work. Hios was the worst though. Other guys would say things to get in my pants and I knew it, but with Greg I thought he actually meant it. He said " I feel like I've know you forever, I can't believe it took Chicago to bring us together." Shit like that. The begining of April I quit the Tippling House because I got a promotion at the bank, and I was going to have to put in more hours. I found out from a mutual friend that Greg denies even dating me. He told her " I never touched her." He still hurts me. Just knowing that someone could be that manipulitive. He really did a number on me.
    I shouldn't be too upset though. I was seeing Greg and fucking Brian on a regular basis. Brian was fun. We tried to keep it a secret from James, but one night James called Brian to see if he wanted to go out since James got cut early ( James would work until 4a.m. usually). When James asked Brian what he was doing Brian replied " fucking alison." I didn't care a that piont, I was having too much fun. James just laughed, he didn't believe him. But when he came home he saw. He came up to my room and saw us. Even though Brian had a girlfriend he ws good to me. When he would come into the Tippling house when I still worked there he would always tip me 100% if not more, and one time it was icy out and I was done with work we went to get mexican food and I was slipping alover the place he siad "careful I don't want anything to happen to you." He would always pay for me, food, drinks, drugs. He was really considerate too. He would get water after we fucked, and when I was pissed at James Brian would come after me and make me feel better, he would look after me when I was sick. He really was awesome. One night I let him do something that I had never let anyone do, and I was saving for my husband. I let him fuck me in the ass! He was so good to me. He listened when I told him to slow down, and he asked how if I was okay a lot. Brians main flaw was that he is not a one woman man, and sometimes he made it sound like you were just a peace of ass but for the most part he was awesome. One night James Brian and I were watchigna movie and drinking wine, what does Brian do but puor wine on me. Another night we went to the casino boats and Brian got a free room king size whirl pool jacqui all three of us pilled in the jacqui. I do wish I had my camera. That night we fucked on the floor with james asleep in the bed. My last night out with them, I let them do coke off my tits, and we had a three way kiss. I really did have fun living with them.

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