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Drifting Darkness (amethystbeing) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 05:30:00
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    For Fuckin' Cryin' Out Loud
    How is it that by trying to help a friend who looked like they were about to go on a mass-murder spree is suddenly against the "rules"? Why is it that every time I try to help him, seeing how I'm the only one that ever does, there are certain people who take it completely the WRONG FUCKIN' WAY?!?!? You know, right now I really don't give a fuck who the hell reads this or what the hell they reply with. As far as I'm concerned, whatever relationship Akuma and I develope is between Akuma and I. If I want to be friends with him, I will. If I trust him, I will. If I feel safe around him, I will damn well go where I please. None of you understand what hell I've been though, but Akuma does. He has been there and he knows what I have gone and continue to dragged though....including the intolerance of those who can't take a clue when they start ragging on my friend, companion in magick, and mentor. I said a lot last night in hopes that you would eventually all shut the hell up. I'm so tired of having to be two-faced around people.....I thought college WASN'T supposed to be like high school.....well ya know what? This fuckin' shit stops here. If you wanna bash Akuma, go right ahead, but be prepared for him to hear what you're saying. I'm tired of you all acting like just because I am a first-year that I have no mind of my own. From now on don't even bother talking to me if all you are going to do is trash my friend and second guess his (or my, for that matter) motives. He and I are a lot alike in a lot of much more than any of you will ever understand. Obviously none of you care to get to know me, seeing how the only time I around all you do is find it in your bleak little hearts to rant and rave. Ha. You make me laugh.

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