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AmericanPsyco98 (americanpsyco98) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 16:55:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Treble Charger - Business

    just got back from hanging out with alex and cameron and (i can't spell) jasmihn? jahsmin? jasmin? yea her.
    i can't spell ok?

    anyhow. that was amusing. roam around his house, roam around my house...laugh at each other's families/belongings etc.

    got tired as hell at the barn today. fought with my stupid horse who tried to buck then rear then just not move forward. pain the ass.

    so now im sore, bored, tired, and sitting around ready to go to sleep at 5pm. really pathetic, i know.

    haha last night was funny over at hot pants's house.
    the scary guy and the three kids across the street..."yes next time i go out in my boat ill come knock on your door and you can come"
    two fat kids and one normal-width-ed kid wrestling in the grass to see who's the "best"
    a scary fat old man trying to act like the "totally cool parent" in a bathing suit OUTSIDE IN PUBLIC (boxer-like ones thank god)
    and embarrassed 15-17 year old son "dad they're my age not your age. you're in your boxers..."
    "now im afraid that lady's gonna call"

    had to be there. it was sorta scary. thought he was like gonna choke us and throw us off his dock or something. i for one was holding onto the handrail the entire time...

    haha...yea. so anyhow...

    im bored.
    There's better ways to let me know
    Leave a message, slip a note
    In a place I'll never find
    Should be careful of what you say
    Could all catch up to you someday
    Ignore it twice, you know
    It won't go away

    But everytime I listen
    I get your words stuck in my head

    And I know it's not my business
    Do I mean anything at all
    Cause I've been waiting for so long

    Someone tell me what went wrong
    Am I still getting dragged along
    I've got the scars to prove it
    You say you're happy and content
    But every fight's the main event
    And now I'm in the corner spitting blood and spent

    But everytime I listen
    I get your words stuck in my head
    And I don't think I see things
    Quite the same as you would want me to
    Cause I can't be that cruel

    dont ask.

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