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Fake Smiles and Fading Stars (americanloser02) wrote,
@ 2004-12-25 08:15:00
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    Current mood: blank

    m er r y .. chr is t m as ( ;
    ok well .. ill start from thursdayyyy..... hmm stephan came over and we exchanged gifts lol :) then we went to sheetz and got some food. after he went home i went out to my aunts house to exchange gifts then i went to the mall around 11 with my cousin and brother, oh my. ahah then my cousin and me went to eat n park until 4 in the morning and we just talked and cried about different things. friday had to be the most... devistating day of my entire life.. im forever changed by what happened and it was also the saddest day, minus a few other days in life. so christmas eve we always have family here.. but it wasnt the same without people that were taken on this day.. my little nephew came up (: he brung so much happiness to us as we needed it.. i wont go into details to what happened.. then today i woke up and i got my gifts. my parents got me a computer :) plus all this other stuff.. but its just sad how christmas dosent feel right n e more to me & it hasnt for a few years :*( but yeah.. i have to run around places w/ my family today <3 then hopefully ill see stephan later ♥ im looking forward to new years (; bwaha i guess im going to errikas... ok well other then christmas eve life has been greatt ; ) byebye

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