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Fake Smiles and Fading Stars (americanloser02) wrote,
@ 2004-09-10 22:59:00
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    Current mood: drained

    Well I havent updated for along time so this might be long XD Umm, lets see basketball is going good ; ) We won both of our games so far and I'm proud. But on our 1st away game Chelsey freaken sprained her ankle and is now a gimp like I used to be XD I feel bad tho ; ( School is going good too ; ) Maggie, Chelsey, Kim & me all talked about ideas for our shirts for inturmural football and stuff all durning 4th and we came up with the best ideas XD It should be fun ; ) This Tuesday alot of us are going to Chelsey's to make shirts for football hah. Hm, tonight I went over to Tyler's <3 Of course he was being a douche and wouldnt tell me things XD Then I came home...Ms. Pletcher is making us sale candy for fundraising >: | So now I have to lug some stupid box around...ergh. If anyone wants to buy candy for $1 from me let me now ; ) I'd be happy lol XD Wow.. I need to get on top of things like I used too...I need to get into some study habits and also stop letting my room turn more into a disaster! But yeah, Just imagine guys...soon Tyler will be driving, which scares me....alot XD hahahaha oh man ; ) Hmph, I'm tired of updating..BYee

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