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K-chan (ambiguous_hate) wrote,
@ 2004-06-04 16:17:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:"dareka no Negai ga kanaru Koro"-Utada Hikaru

    there you gooo XD
    I love these things
    Survey time!

    mood: anxious
    music: "ware, arubeki basho"-MUCC [AHH! I <3 Tats so much!]
    Black or White?: either works very well for me
    Coke or Pepsi?: eh, soda's alright. So, I guess coke
    Simple Plan or New Found Glory?: I hate both.
    Blink 182 or Sum41?: neither, they both suck balls
    Benji or Joel?: neither, both are assholes trust me, I know
    Xmas or Chanukah [sp?]?: well since I'm not jewish Iguess xmas works for me
    Bananas or Apples?: Both!
    Birds or the Bees?: Bird.
    Guys or Girls?: I like both of them
    Cheez Its or Cheese Nips?: neither
    Night or Day?: Night
    Books or Tv?: books
    The Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon?: God, I hate the sims
    Habbo Hotel or Cokemusic?: ummm...??
    Milk or Soy Milk?: Soy Milk
    CDs or Radio?: CDs
    Kittie or Manson?: I don't like either too much so I guess I'll go with Kittie if I have to have one
    Nirvana or Metallica?: Nirvana
    Ozzy or AC/DC?: AC/DC.
    Gay or Straight?: Gay
    Death or Life?: hm...
    Pink or Purple?: Pink
    Britney Spears or Xtina?: Both are little hoes and have no talent so no thanks, but if I have to choose Britney. I think her songs are a bit better.
    Rollercoasters or Water rides?: rollercoasters.
    N'Sync or Backstreet Boys?: kill them both
    Eminem or Sean Paul?: Sean Paul, at least I can dance to his shit, XD
    50 Cent or Ja Rule?: neither
    Hilary Duff or Death?: Death
    Disney or Nickleodeon?: nick.
    Trading Spaces or Changing Rooms?: Trading Spaces
    Adam Sandler or Chris Farley?: Neither are all that funny
    Chicken or Beer?: Both only when it's beer chicken and then if it isn't, just chicken for me
    Dogs or Cats?: Cats.
    Goth or Punk?: Goth personally.
    Mice or Rats?: Mice.
    Sony or Panasonic?: Sony
    DVD or VHS?: DVD
    Waterskiing or Snowskiing?: Kendo!
    HBO or Showtime?: Showtime. Best original series like Queer as Folk
    MTV or Fuse?: MTV
    Green or Brown?: green
    Pierre or Joel?: who?
    AIM or MSN?: AIM
    Email or IM?: IM
    Gold or Silver?: Silver
    This or That?: This
    Light or Dark?: Dark
    Cubed or Crushed?: Cubed
    Windows or Mac?: Windows
    Bzoink or Quizilla?: Quizilla
    Cheerios or Cocoa Puffs?: cocoa puffs.
    Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate
    Nike or Addias?: Sugar.
    Basketball or Football?: Lacrosse
    A or B?: B
    Kindergarten or Preschool?: Kindergarten.
    Multiplying or Dividing?: Multiplying. easier.
    Past or Future?: Future
    80's or 90's?: 80's

    What's your name?: Katie A. Steger
    How old are you?: Wouldn't you like to know? -Waggle eyebrows-
    What sex are you?: -checks pants to make sure- female! I'm a female!
    When is your birthday?: 11-10
    Do you like the name Alecia?: comment
    Is this annoying yet?: No. Not really
    What is your favorite food?: Ramen or Miso soup
    Color?: Periwinkle and a neon pink
    Clothing brand?: Hm..don't really know? I don't go by brands to be honest. But I do like TRIPP
    What are you wearing?: My pair of really baggy blue jeans which are soo comfy tho tearing at the edges, a white sleevless see through button up top where one of the buttons pop off today so a safety pin is all that is covering me XD and a blue jean jacket. Also with my collar and other such jewelry
    What color are your socks?: White
    Are you even WEARING socks?: Yes
    Do you think socks are comfy?: Yes if their the right kind
    Can you cross your eyes?: Yup.
    Do you have any weird habits?: Everything about me is a weird habit. ^^;
    Do you like cheese?: Yes, it's the only thing I eat on a sandwhich
    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?: Um...don't know, don't eat many tootsie pops
    Are ghosts real?: Oh hell yea they are. Their scary at times. -Hides-
    What about aliens?: Who knows I pray to god there is so we can't be the only intelligent thing out there.

    Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yes
    Are they cute?: I guess?
    Age difference?: No. He's younger than me actually
    Online or not?: No.
    Sexuality?: I'm bisexual

    Back to normal
    Do you think bracelets are ugly?: Nope
    What about necklaces?: Nope think their hot actually
    Do you like french fries? I like french fries.
    Milk or cereal?: Both
    Hot or cold?: cold
    Tall or Short?: Tall
    Nails long or short?: Long's good
    Are cough drops good?: no
    How random is this survey?: Not random enough
    Have a webcam?:no
    What do you think of cows?: their ok.....
    Pigs?: Pork = yum when you put jerk spices on them
    Dogs?: Mines a moron
    I like to drink water. Do you?: Yes. I think it taste good
    How much do you sleep?: Too much at times
    How many people are on your BL?: many to count 64 girls, 85 boys, and 5 others
    What brand of monitor do you have?: Visual sensations
    What do you think of Eeyore? He's cool, huh?: Fuck disney?
    Do you like to read?: Of course, Dan Brown!
    Look! Question 46! Woo!: .......
    Are you bored?: A bit.
    Why did you take this survey?: I saw it on Ben's blog.
    How old is your inner child?: 43 ^^;
    Do you like your parental guardians?: No.
    Do you even HAVE parental guardians?: Yes.
    Girls or guys?: either/or
    Gays or Lesbians?: I like them both. But gays are a bit higher on the list.
    Straight or Bi?: Bi.
    Look! We're on question 55! Yay!: -Does the it's question 55 dance-
    Do you like the Wallflowers? Good music group.: um......
    Can you say anything in Sign Language?: yes!
    If so, what?: Stupid ugly bitch [God i love theatre arts XD]
    Can you make paper stars?: No
    Almost time for bed?: NO!
    Favorite time of day?: Night.
    Skittles or M&M's?: crunchy M&M
    Live Journal, Journal Space, or Blogger?: Blurty.
    Go to!: 403 Error

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