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K-chan (ambiguous_hate) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 01:55:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:"The final"-Dir en grey

    Gonna wash, wash, wash thoe sillies right out of my hair!
    Gr, not being able to sleep is getting to me again. So what if I slept 7 hours earlier! I should still be able to go back to bed. And my stomach hurts but I can't stay home because the teachers I have tomorrow will bitch me out, and my world history teacher will fail me based on my out days even if I bring in notes for each day out. Which is dumb because by law he can't. But that's what he put on my inter. report, that I was in danger of getting a D for them. And I gotta make up a test for Alg.1 because I need that to bring up my grade and the longe I wait, the shittier I'll do since I wont remember anything. Also, we leave for England in 3 weeks! Less than a month. Yay. Ican't wait, but I'm afraid of the plane ride actually. And that week is the last week of the 3rd marking pd. So i can't screw up these next three weeks nor miss any days what so ever.

    My dad went and got his knee operated upon today. He's home, in bed, asleep. I don't know how he is gonna wake me uptomorrow, but we'll see! Oo; actually I should say today since it is. I hope he get better fast because it's hard to see him there, with this hue lke brace under the covers but I know he'll get better, because he is my father. Unless he works himself to death, which I'm shocked he hasn't done already. He's the type of man that will do so much work and for everyone else that it is impressive. I'm proud of my father, not just as a goo male figure but also as a human. He' caring and would do anything for anyone. That's why I feel so bad when we fight at times, he's too good for my shit. Oh well....I'll make it up someday, some how. Or so I pray. I better be off, bed will be callling soon. I feel it. Night alll!

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