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K-chan (ambiguous_hate) wrote,
@ 2004-03-13 20:29:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:"Love is a battlefield"-Pat Benatar

    me and ed broke up. Wow, because that soo wasn't coming. It's a bit upsetting, you know. It's hard to see him and know it kinda meant nothing to him. And yes, it did mean something to me, I cried the day we broke up because he ignored me that day. I don't get how I can't make anyone happy. Then the bus ride home he flirted with some blonde hair chick on my bus. great. Make me feel any worse? I also hate how elmer is treating me with these mind games he plays. Oh I love uou but youre gonna have to wait to ever have me because I have a g/f who's better than you. Gah. I hate men at times. They just are soo....confusing. I saw r-chan last nght, thankfully. He forgot my T.m.R cd and my diru dvd ><. Bastard. I also saw some people I didn't want to see. i.e Candice and sam. God, make me barf. They look so funny together, sam the "big bad goth' with his black makeup and candice the "bubbly,wanna be punk with her hot topic shirts". And he tstupid, done by some druink off his ass guy, tattoo. XD. damn thing looks like a gopher paw. Also it's fadded so it looks like she did it with pen. I wanna talk to Julie. T_T. Forgive me, my mood is up and down because I'm bored and all alone. It's been a baaaddd week. Gah.

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