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K-chan (ambiguous_hate) wrote,
@ 2004-02-05 16:53:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:"Sanpomichi"-Judy and Mary

    Never knew.
    New classes kinda blow, I mean their alright, but I don't have any classes with Ed nor lunch as far as I know. Krystal has a class with him! How the heck did that happen? I dont understand. He has the lunch aftr me on B days which blows bigger than anything. I was late to class just looking for him, at least i got to see him. Which rocked. Everyone has D lunch this year, like Kristen, and Anthy, and Ed, and Tishia. And, and everyone! I always get sucked like that, but it's ok I at least have nice teachers, well they haven't been assholes yet. But i will have to change my spanish class. God, I mean in my two years there I've only taken spanish for one semester and that wasn't even a full year so how can I pass spanish 2?! Stupid people, and with child dev. which will have to be changed, most likely to theatre arts 2 and maybe comparative religions. That would be neat. or maybe Painting and drawing but all the level 1 art classes are filled with idiots. Blarg, so I kinda don't want to go into that.
    I talked to Brian about why he was ignoring me, and he said it' because he really liked, or likes me, what am I suppose to say? I don't want to hurt hm and I do like him but I like ed also. I don't know what to do and I heard about brian and what he do to his ex's. Hm, I'm so lost. I hate that. Oh well, I can't really complain about the whole day now can I? That wouldn't be right, it wasn't horrible nor did I wanna kill anyone in my class. But I hate how when Stevies in my class they think we're bother and sister. Sure, same last name right, but maybe you should ask before you persume? I mean that's what ourlast teacher did when she mention I was as bad as my brother. Geeze. I don't even want to be related to him.

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