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K-chan (ambiguous_hate) wrote,
@ 2004-01-02 10:23:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:"Rocket Dive"-hide

    Fear me Dic!
    [This is from a couple days ago, I just wanted to put this up since it means a lot to me.]

    I feel so bad, I was so bored and up this morning, I watched Digimon. Yes, I watched Digimon, not that they show if that bad. Actually the animation is a lot better than some stuff and it’s got a sweet air of children dreams to it…aw. Yea, right! During it some of the digimon are invading this one villains place and while in the group of other creatures to be train their instructor is an ass basically so they give him “double fizz”, a soda that when drank by this digimon, the “bubbles go straight to his head”, and strangely enough all the soda comes in are brown bottles that look like wine bottles. Ok maybe the bottle doesn’t explain anything but once the thing goes all red and is dancing about maybe that’s a hint at something more? Or am I the only one who thinks of this stuff? As much as I dislike most of the stuff they put on t.v. I actually feel bad for these shows like digmon, pokemon, DBZ ect. Because that since we are such a conformists country we have to cut them up and make them into bad shows. Since they are cartoons and of course all of our cartoons are aimed at small children since if it’s anything else it’s labeled ‘art’ not that anime isn’t art anyways. Though it’s sad that we are so worried over moral values that we cut up cartoons and edit stuff so that if the main character or hero was a girl it because one of the boys in the show. I mean there are such bad movies and dirty stuff out on TV produced by us, so why worry about animation? Look at CCS, they cut the show up so badly that they wouldn’t even play the first 4 episodes because they wanted Li to be the hero when Sakura was actually the main character. They also cut out Li’s feelings for Yukito which, in my opinion lead to his feelings towards Sakura in a way. [Another time, Katie, another time XD] Also, they changed many of names. Yukito to Julian? Tomoyo to Madison? I think the only good name change was her last only because they switched it to an easier island. So, I couldn’t really complain there. It’s almost as bad as Usagi’s name change. At least they used Bunny in the manga. Yea, I know. Everyone’s complained about these things from the dawn of Anime history watching in America just it gets me mad. Some of these shows wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for what’s done to them. I better stop, before someone gets mad at me.
    Ahsauneosajposaupdjpasoupoapoudapojsalkjh09uaslkmpdaosuispmo! –Pants- Alright, all better.

    I do not support kissing cousins! Let Haruka and Michiru be who they are!

    Just had to get that out. ^_^. I told this man at my church about that in sailor moon and he actually looked like he was in disbelief. It’s funny how they chop things up to be.

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