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Amber (amber_fae) wrote,
@ 2004-08-14 11:22:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    Happy Saturday to all! It's a beautiful day, highs in the upper 70s, and very mild winds. Strange for August, though...we're usually sitting around 100 degrees this time of the year. And the animals are already getting their winter coats. I have a bad feeling that this year we are headed to an early autumn and a very cold and hard winter.

    Yesterday was Friday the 13th...and I love Friday the 13ths. I have never had bad luck on these days. The Coffee Shop Gathering was held last evening at Hastings in is always nice to sit and chat with some of the other Pagans in the area. There was a new girl there last night...although she had actually just came to Hastings to check out the books, we saw her in the New Age section and invited her to join us. Her name is Joanne, and she seems very nice. Hopefully she will come back next month as well.

    To day I am spending time with my hubby. Between his job and mine, we never seem to see each other except when one of us is asleep. I am usually asleep before he makes it to bed, and then he is usually dead asleep when I wake up. But we have all day today and tomorrow to be together. WhooHoo!

    I think we're going to be going to Joplin today and who knows where else we may end up? :)
    Tomorrow, I will probably spend at least part of the day with Wren in Jacinda, if they want to take another load or two over to their new house.

    Onwards to the day!

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