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Amber (amber_fae) wrote,
@ 2004-07-19 23:06:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    Wonderful times....
    Well, today was really nice. Actually yesterday was absolutely fantabulous as well. Got the chair to Wren and Jacenda's place. Jacinda actually likes that ugly old Her and I are so alike in so many ways and then again so different at times. I find the plaid of the chair to be absolutely horrendous and she loves it. Ah, thing we can agree on is that it is a damned comfy old chair.
    After chatting with them for a bit, they invited me out to dinner, which was was really fun. We all had to hit WalMart first...I needed to get an oil change on the truck. My Lion was supposed to do the oil change, but had problems getting the oil plug out, and I didn't want him to try to force it. Hell, it something needs forced, then there is always the chance it might break. And if something is going to get broke on the truck, I would just as soon it wasn't Larry doing it. As it was, the only problem was that because Larry had been laying on the ground under the truck, he couldn't get a good grib on the oil plug. The guys at the Tire and Lube shop at WallyWorld had no problem at all.
    I met up with Wren and Jacinda in the store, and turned out they were getting their Bella's oil changed as well. After collecting our vehicles, we all went to Applebees. I had so been wanting to go there, since they now have a Weight Watchers menu. It's not an extensive menu, but they did have at least one entre that sounded divine. The Terryaki Shrimp. And yes, it was absolutely divine. I also had the chocolate raspberry layer cake for dessert...another of the items on the Weight Watchers menu.

    And speaking of Weight Watchers, I weighed in today...lost another pound and a half. I'm down to 146 1/2 now...not losing as fast as I would like, but not doing too badly all around. Another 5 1/2 pounds and I will have to set another 10% goal.

    I had meant to stop by and drop a book of for Jacinda. She is wanting to start on a modified low carb diet, and the South Beach Diet was mentioned...and since I have the book and am not on that diet...well, no need for it to just sit on the book shelf and gather dust. Unfortunately, I forgot all about the book until I was already in town, but I have the book sitting by the door now so that I will remember it tomorrow. I'm going to drop it by their house when I go in town to take Tristan's girlfriend on the grocery run.

    All in all, a very nice couple of days.

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