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Amber (amber_fae) wrote,
@ 2004-07-18 09:53:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    La la la....
    Okay, so my day has already started off a bit I had decided that since my weight seems to be at a platau, I need to actually get my butt moving and exercise more. The problem is that 1...I'm lazy, and 2....I don't like to work out in front of anyone, so I tend to not exercise when the hubby is home. Now, usually he doesn't wake up until fairly late, but I am still a bit paranoid about it. Don't ask why, I know that I am So...I either have to wait until he is at work, which is usually so late in the day that I never get around to actually exercising, or I will need to do it very early when there is no chance of him waking up. Since he doesn't hit the bed until the wee hours of the night/morning, he never drags himself out of bed before 10:00am....and it is usually later. But around 10:00 or 11:00 is when I can sometimes hear signs of life from the bedroom...usually just him rolling over and But earlier...nope, no sounds, nothing. So I figured that if I start going to bed around 11:00pm or midnight, then I could get up around 7:00am or so and have several hours to workout, get my bath, and then even have some time to meditate and/or work on some of my inner work for the Sisterhood.
    Well, today the alarm went off at 7 and I turned it off...still in my sleep, I suppose, since I don't remember doing it. I finally got up at 8:30, a bit later than I wished to but that's okay. My workout schedule for Sunday (yes, I made myself a's the only way I will stick with this) is fairly light. Hey, it's a weekend...I am NOT going to spend my weekends busting my But I did my workout (Abs was the focal point today) and then checked my email. Soon as I finish this journal entry, it will be off to get a bath and get ready for the day.

    I did get some more information on the SoA Intensive that will be held in October. The price for it was posted to the SoA mailing list. *wince* OUCH! It was a bit more costly that I had figured on it being. If I can get my money in by August 15 it will be $295. But September 15, it will be $310 and by October 15 it hits $325. I admit, I did sort of panic about the prices at first...but, then I thought about it...see, I am used to attending festivals such as the ones at Camp Gaea. For Heartland Pagan Festival, the pre-registration price is $75 if you get it in before a certain date, and then it raises to $100 and if you miss that deadline, it goes all the way up to $140. So really, the price raises as per the various deadlines are actually less for the SoA Intensive than it is for Heartland (of course, keep in mind that these events are not put on by the same Plus, at Heartland, the meal plan is seperate and costs approx. $65-$75. And while yes, there are workshops and lectures at Heartland, they are nothing along the lines of what will be going on at the Intensive. From what I hear, it will be 4 days of INTENSE study and trancework. Classes, worshops, etc. and the cost of the Intensive covers meals, board, classes and all supplies and study materials so I guess the cost really isn't all that much more than any other major festival I would attend...and I would imagine that I will get far more out of this than I would out of a regular festival. Plus, I learned that there is a "scholarship" or sorts for those who need financial help in getting to the Intensives. So I need to get busy and write a letter to the Board and explain why I wish to attend the Intensive and why I would need financial assistance in doing so. I doubt that they help with a whole lot...after all, there are a lot of Sisters who will want to attend this thing and a lot of them will also be on a tight hey, every little bit will help...even if it is just a little bit of a break on the price. I need to figure out my budget first though...if I can swing it without help, I would like to do so, since I know that there are other ladies who might need the financial assistance even more than myself. But one way or another, I am going!!!!!

    Well, off to get a bath and give Jacinda a call. I reackon they will still be asleep, but since they turn off the ringer on the phone, I am not too worried and I can leave a message. I am taking our old plaid chair over to them today. We want to get rid of it, and they could use the extra seating for their living room. I just need to find out what time they wish me to bring it over.

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