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Amber (amber_fae) wrote,
@ 2004-07-15 23:50:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    What a day. I got up this morning and went to the Post Office to get the mail...and my paycheck was not there. Damn! I had a bad feeling about it since my timesheet had been mailed back to me last week. I had called and gotten things straightened was a addition mistake on their part. Tristan and I added my hours up correctly but someone at the SKIL office miscalculated. Anyways, the lady in the office said it was all cool and that she would turn in my hours. So I figured that I had better call today to find out why my check wasn't in. Well....I was told that I no longer worked for them...that when I took a couple of weeks off for personal reasons and Larry was covering my hours for me, that they (in the office) had thought that I quit. NO! The problem was between the Pittsburg office, where I actually work out of, and the Parson's office, which does payroll. So, after having to run by the P-burg office and picking up some paperwork, and running it up to the hospital for Tristan to sign,(I never thought I would be grateful that he was in the hospital, but at least he was there in P-burg rather than me having to drive out to Arcadia and back) and then take the papers back to the Pittsburg office to be faxed to
    Finally got all that taken care of, and my check should be mailed out tomorrow. Then I stopped by the Social Security office, because I couldn't find my SS card...and it turns out that I evidently never bothered to get it changed over when I married Larry. Damn, again! I thought I had done that years So, to change the name over, I need to come up with my divorce papers from the last ex....luckily, we got divorced in Pittsburg, so if I cannot find the papers around the house, I can go to the courthouse and get a copy of them.

    After all the running around, I stopped by Hastings for awhile....air-conditioning is a great

    Well, I am going to get to bed and get some rest. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little less hectic. lol

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