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Amber (amber_dove_16) wrote,
@ 2004-01-25 13:38:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:click click click of the keyboard...

    hard to keep up
    Goodness... this journal is one of those things I put off and put off time and time again... and then when I come back to update it's hard to catch up on everything.. oh well.. I doubt anyone reads this anyways so it's all good in some way.

    Mmkay - so last time I updated I was talking about New Year's Eve.. Well it turned out to be a blast at Libby's ~ we were really really busy.. and sometimes that doesn't mean good tips but I still had a blast ~ Dad, Mom and Marybeth came to the show - they met all my good friends at Libby's and had a good time as well.. :-)

    Lots has happened since then as well..

    Me and John are friends as of right now.. well, we are more than friends but we're not b/f-g/f or "talking" or any of that... we are good friends.. he is going through such a rough time in his life and I wish I could help him more than I can. We had a long talk last night in my car at Libby's and I just couldn't help but love him - he is such a strong man with so much pride.. I love him to pieces and wish I could do more for him than listen to him.. but if that helps him - to know I'm here to listen and talk with him about it all then I'm glad... he is carrying so much on his shoulders at the moment.. * God Bless him and give him the strength to carry on. *

    What else... I've become closer to a few more people at Libby's - Joe S. and Joe C. I love dearly and cherish their friendships more than words can express.. Alice and Betty Ann - are such amazing women -
    WOW is all I can say - to have a job like mine and want to go to work.. even on the crappy tips night I still end up having a good night... I still want to come back next week.. :-)

    I got a new job - at the new Subway! :-) I was soo excited about that to!! I went in for my interview a few nights ago - and she said the job is yours if you want it - soo.. I was really happy about it - the opening is Feb 11th! and the awesome thing is she said my job at Libby's wouldn't be a problem because it was just that one day and I could work that morning and be home by lunch then work at 4:00 at libbys soo - that's just awesome..

    I'm trying to finish up scholarship stuff and applications and so forth... so that is really really really hectic right now - ... and being the procastinator that I am it kinda sucks ... but I'm bound and determined that it will go out by the middle of this week! ... :-)
    It is great though because Mr. Adams is recommending me for a scholarship worth $2000 and I'm estatic about that! It feels good to know someone has recoginized me in that way to get this kind of scholarship soo.. :-) YAY!

    I'm not sure about what to do with Showcase this year - I would LOVE to participate but when I went in for this new job we weren't for sure if we were going to have it this year or not - and I did have fun last year... but in the same bit it was soo much time and with the new job I would hate to be like hey this has come up when we're just starting.. soo.. not sure what I'm going to do yet - I would love to see my schedule for work.. that may be what I do... talk to the sponsor this year for the showcase and tell her my situation and then when I get my schedule see if I can't work something out then... ... crosses fingers...

    I need to start back in church... something you put off and say I need to... but never do or it's always next Sunday -

    Well I'm headed out of here... I think I wrote a book - But I'll try to update more often.. for my own sanity if nothing else.. *Love*

    Amber Mae :-)

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