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Amber (amber_dove_16) wrote,
@ 2003-12-28 00:59:00
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    Hope you had a Merry Christmas
    So how was Christmas everyone? Mine was really good! Surrounded by family and people I cherish and good food, presents, and lots of fun ~ It was wonderful.. Everything I could've ask for. :-) just trying to get back in a normal routine now - :-)
    Christmas Eve we went to my Granddaddy and Nanny's house to eat and open presents
    I opened presents here at the house Christmas morning then we went to Mamaw's and ate Lunch with the rest of the family and here the Christmas story then we opened presents ... Then Christmas night I went with John to his family's get-together to eat and then we went out Libby's house to wish him a Merry Christmas!
    I had a wonderful time at every place -

    Like my new icon thingy? I love it - :-)

    well what else?

    Jason - cheer up babe - know that I care for you and you are an awesome person inside and out! *Love*

    I'm working New Year's Eve - but then I'll get off and go to the show! It should be a blast! :-) And I'm trying to talk Mom and Dad and Beth into coming - I'd love to spend it with them! And of course John will be there so that'll be fantastic :-)

    Hope you all have had a Merry Christmas - And have a Safe and Happy New Year if I don't update until 2004!

    G'Night all!!
    **Amber Mae** :-)

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