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Snipp (amardallestelle) wrote,
@ 2004-01-31 12:42:00
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    Current mood:anicle (that a word)
    Current music:the early november

    It must be fate
    She didn't want to deal with the pain; so she did it really fast. She bled to death at last! She cut down her slim wrists and her feet with a knife. Quickly she tried to wipe up the blood with an old bed sheet. Right then she changed her mind, she realized she didn't want to die. She had too much to live fore, she thought. But no matter what, she couldn't live anymore because she did it, and now it was too late. I guess it must be fate. She fell heavily down to the grass. That was it, she was dead eventually someone found her, and called ambulance, hoping it wasn't too late.But it was, I guess it must be fate.
    don't know what else to say. last nite i went and saw the butterfly effect, and along came polly, both good movies..the butterfly effect was WICKED-AWESOME, everyone should go see it, I'll admit I sheded a few was that good! b4 we (larisa and I)went to the movies we stopped off at albertson's for some goodies, and guess who was working?! Casey Smith...larisa's lover boy! it was so rad.... we parked and got out of my truck, and her and I were walkin into the store...Casey was collecting the carts, so I told her to go over there and talk to him..and she said "NO!" so i nudged her towards his way..and she was like "stop, no!" (she got all embarassed, but whatever) and then when we were out of his site..and by the entrance I threw her up against the wall (literally) and grabbed her sweater, and told her to go over there and talk to him or I was have to kick her ass! hehe! ;) and she did it!! she went over there, they talked, she asked him what he was doing this weekend ect. then she said "you should call me and we can chill" GO RISA, GO RISA! LOL!!!! anyway, we left albertson's with all kinds of goodies, casey got her number, and we even got to the movie still early, then we got to see another movie for free! last nite was good times!
    Mike never called me. For your curiousity, yes we had a great dinner! Lobster, crab, bread, cream of spinach (spelling?), raspberry cream bru le...nice convo. Very very nice guy! WE STILL HAVEN'T KISSED! I am so not use to this.... i am use to the guys all grabby touchy feely ect. Anyhow it was nice, then the next day I went to work (thursday nite) i had to be in at 4, and he was there with his roomate drinking a beer at the bar! YAY! I got to see him... he invited me over when i got off work, I told him i would call. I called him at like 9:30, left him a voicemail saying I was going to shower then go to bed! so i wouldn't make it over... I guess he called while I was in the shower, and I haven't heard from him since! what the hell?!! whatever, i am over it, I am not going to stress over something as lame as it is! He calls cool, if not whatever! LOL! I already got another guy anyway! LOL!
    i'm so over th radio, all i ever hear are songs the ted dedicates to me, or he says the song reminds him of us, or that a song is how he feels or whatever!

    **the hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else**
    **words shrink things that seem timeless**
    **some walk through our lives with footsteps of love and strong impact. Others stomp through shattering our stability and expectations. So, how do we choose those that are worthy?**

    That last stanza, "some walk through" that is my all time favorite poem, and that has stuck with me since my freshmen yr. My friend Katie that was a jr. wrote that in my yearbook! And its so true!
    just thought I would end with a little something for you to ponder about! i am bored, and going to go do something! one-
    <3 Valerie

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