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Amanda (amanda_damn_it) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 16:30:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Buffy, i can't watch this show without thinking of Warron

    pshhh Oranges ain't got nothin' on cranberries!
    So true.

    As of now I am watching the totally awesome dream episode of Buffy, and nursing my sore throat with icecream. Its not really working but it is very yummy. I love chocolate... Anyway. Today was okay, did the whole school thing, caught up in all my classes (I'm actually getting the crap we are doing in Math, awesome). I think Mr. Finley knows I suck and just puts me on stage for a good inward laugh. Meanie head. I've totally fucked up all the scenes I've been in, makes me really sad. But not everyone can be an act-tor, it takes a speacil crazy kind of person. And I'm just not that type of crazy. The cheese guy is so great, I really want cheese now. Heh, Kelli (dude, I'm gonna say it agian your hair is totally awesome). Ew, my cat is licking the top of the icecream lid. Thats just nasty. Dude, I watched Angel yesterday, that was totally insane! And the dude was cutting off his own fingers, I hate it when people cut off their own body parts. Thumbs *shudder* Okay, putting the icecream away...


    I need to put away all of those dishes in the sink... but I'm probably not gonna. Because, you know, I suck. I hate Halloween movies, how many times can one psycho killer come back? Why would someone wash their face with walnuts.. hmmm. Laura I totally need to fing your potato candy bar (yes. Potato candy bar. My grandma wouldn't let me buy a real potato. sucks). My sentances are all wonky today, and not making very much sence. And I think I shall depart now, and read a little. And maybe take a shower because I feel kinda gross.

    I wear the cheese it does not wear me.
    -Amanda (I just enjoy writing my name some times)

    I think Ronald spelled backwards is the coolest name, Dlanor. Its just so cool.

    P.P.S. (or is it P.S.S.?)
    I really need to put up my new totally cool icons! I shall do that now.

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