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Becky (amagicstar) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 20:00:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:american idol

    hummm mabye i am alive
    my mind is a blank
    what the hell

    these people can't sing! i am watching american idol. i can sing i can sing a ring around those people ass's duh this show is making me mad how do they think they are good why?????? I don't understand people just cuz some people look good doesn't mean they have talent to sing
    this is american idol not american talent show you sing not put on a puppet show
    ok new subject

    looking at a disturbed angry frame pictured on my wall
    ringing phones with twisted metal around them prevent me to answer the calls
    only to walk barefooted through fire for you
    i desired you now without a faze
    i stopped the craze
    it maked me sick
    to think that you consider me as your slave chick
    but like a disease i never go away
    saving up all the worries and pain for another day

    naked light
    empty room
    there i lay
    i am happy
    nothing around me
    i need nothing
    this is my chi
    my zen
    pastel purple
    silver hooks
    quiet all in silence
    why can't life be this simple

    aren't old people suppose to be wise and all? Why are some people so hung up on money? I am so fuckin simple it makes me mad that someone considered me as a gold digger did i have a power wheel growing up or cable tv no i didn't. i had simple things and love i am so angry but happy i found my nitch and if i keep my mind in that state without people tring to get me then bamb i am all good i didn't have a lot that other kids had but that didn't bother me no i never went to the beach no i never learned to swim no i never had internet
    you wanna know something i'am glad i never had that growing up i appreciated it more when i did and got those things on my own. I enjoy the simple things too much I'am tring to teach chris that i don't need diamond rings or to eat shrimp everyday just cuz his mama does that all the time doesn't mean i am like that
    another thing on my mind
    in my teen years i always though mom and dad were my enemy always tring to end my fun and shit but now that i am a parent i see myself alot like them it is scairy. bla bla bla
    though ended short attention span
    ahhhhhh all about the zen
    when i move into my dream home i will have nothing but zen deco
    i need peace i love to be happy
    thats why chris and i are going to start fresh
    i am getting rid of mostly everything and i'am giving it to the poor
    i am for real all my couches are going down to the soup kitchen they have a place where you can drop off cloths toys etc. but first i'am gonna see if michelle wants any of the stuff first. don't worry sis the queen bed goes to you since you like it. ahhhh gotta go

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