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Andrea (alw1283) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 10:03:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:inventing edward- manflesh

    i never though i'd sleep in the dark without you
    hasn't turned out to be a good night. it's nights like this that make me question my intentions when me and gary broke up. i miss being with someone so much, and i feel so fucking lonely right now. if i would of stayed with him i wouldn't feel like this... but would it have been worth all of the bullshit and the controlling and possessive issues??
    _:: i don't know... but i guess what's done is done right? ::_

    so far i've spent tonight sitting on the internet, talking to various and random pals on aol.. and making multiple entries in here. listened to quite a bit of further seems forever, brand new, my sAMPler CD and jack johnson. Inventing edward is on my sAMPler (AMP= american music press) cd and they are absolutely amazing. hurry out and pick uptheir cd, you won't be dissapointed. my 99 cents i invested in this AMP has been quite worth it,new gunmoll, rise against, ozma, and the commercials on the CD included.

    *i never thought i'd sleep in the dark without you,
    a blanket of thoughts pulled over my head,
    i see you as you watch through my window,
    i never thought it would be so hard to let go*
    -Inventing Edward-

    hopefully tommorrow will be far the plans are:
    ~Matrix:reloaded with aimee & cory
    ~finish my huck finn paper so i can sleep in on sunday

    a beating heart and a microphone
    a ticking clock in an empty home
    still tells of these times so long ago,
    and even though I've come so far, I know
    I've got so far to go and any day now I'll explode
    like the angel you are you laugh creating a lightness in my chest,
    your eyes they penetrate me,
    (your answer's always 'maybe')
    that's when I got up and left

    stay safe kids, it's wild life we live.

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