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Mel (altjunkie) wrote,
@ 2003-11-02 14:28:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Billy Talent - Beach Balls

    alrights, so here goes my weekend-> it all started with me going to some stupid tutor teacher person *my mom forces me*, it was only for an hour. Then my mom picked me up and drove me to our Laurier Optical store in chinktown. I worked there for like an hour or more and Jo came to meet me there. We fixed up Sareda and Leanne's presents and then called them up to meet them at Bubblicity. hehe Michelle is the most asian white girl i've ever known!! hehe i love u! (u even love the vietnamnese.. uhh caramel cake? and omg BBT!! that's the greatest drink in the world.) well yeah anyways.. we met them at the bus stop and a bunch of us drank bbt. Then we went to Bayshore for like 3-4 hours! haha crazy! It got kinda boring at Bayshore for that long so we went to Gabriel's house for a bit *thats where we ate "caramel cake"* and then walked to the colo from there.

    so i was we didnt end up watching Scary Movie 3. we watched TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE(thx to 18-yr-old)!! HOLY SH!T that was soo scary! LMAO PARASTOO screaming and the sweater!!! ahaha.... oh and there was this one part where it was all quiet and one of the guys hits a chicken and it like squaked, i gasped so freaking loudly that people behind us started laughing!! it was soo funny! but yeah, i cant believe they still havent been able to catch this guy. He's soo crazy!! He like tortures people, collects people's body parts, and he'll slice off people's faces and but them on his own like a mask... and of course i cant forget the CHAINSAW that he runs after everyone with.

    So after the movie i go home to sleep. I wake up at around 400am from a nightmare *that i dont remember* and i was covered in sweat LoL... that's when i slept with the lights on while blasting Brandy's music. wow did i feel like a loser. haha

    well i have plenty of HW to do. l8er sk8ers! <3
    lotsa love, xoxo mel

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