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A hott married mama! (alternatvespike) wrote,
@ 2004-03-05 17:19:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:"Island in the Sun" by Weezer

    HaRdEr, BeTtEr, FaStEr, StRoNgEr
    I found the best song ever!! "F.U.R.B." by Frankee. My friend Jenny found it. I always was so sad when I heard that Eamon "Fuck it" song but now I think its hilarious. Anyways who thinks Eamon's cute anyways! He looks like the white guy off of "Barber Shop!" No spank you!! I mean really, sometimes it is the guys fault! Well today I got to go to the doctor with Kylee and oh lemme tell you something!!! I hate going to the doctors office. First of all Kylee has been sick and she is just getting over it and I had to take her to the doctors office which is an infestation of germs in the waiting area. Well this little girl decided she wanted to talk to me and ask questions. She's like 9 and then she begins to cough and I'm like GO AWAY!! I was in the waiting area for an hour and thank everyone on earth that they finally called my name. I wasn't mean to her but other people kids (especially when the people leave the kids in the waiting room while they are in the rooms) is just awesome!!! Because I feel obliged to watch them bc i know if anything bad happens i'll feel horrible! Well I go back to one of the rooms and I'm just so happy, for one I'm away from other people and two Kylee filled her diaper a long time ago! So I then waited back in the room for another hour!! She went through 6 ounces of milk in an hour and a half. She was just so hungry. Well she weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces and she is just so beautiful. I'm very proud. Well Chase wants to get a tattoo of Kylee and I have decided I'm going to Padre with Jill because I remember all the other Spring Breaks in my house. Which means its full of, "Kristi you are so lazy, you don't do shit around her!", "Kristi why don't you get up and do something?" Well you know what dad I don't want to!!!! This is my one week out of the whole school year that I don't have to do shit!! Christmas doesn't count bc we go on shopping sprees and have to work every day to pay for everything! So now they are on the kick that I don't have money to do it. And of course they think they have to remind me to go pay my flipping bills!!! Okay I paid them on Tuesday when I got money from Chase!! I'm straight. I have been able to pay my bills just fine, so why must they drive me insane and think I'm so incompetent that I can't do it!!!!!!!! I go to work, I go to school, and I have a child!!! What else can I do? I don't sleep!! My dream is to sleep and wake up and get all my homework done and then play with baby!!!!! But I don't even get that privelege. I get my parents to watch her bc I have a short temper and I haven't gotten used to the whole waking up at 3, 5, and 7 in the morning to get her a bottle!! The best I can do right now is try!!!!! So anyways I'm going with Jenny, Eric and Chris to go see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Sunday!!!!! I cannot wait. I've heard a few of their songs but enough to know I like them.
    So I'm watching Mrs. Doubtfire and how the hell could they not tell it was Robin Williams!!! So dumb! So this sucks ass the doctor I went to, to have Kylee doesn't carry my insurance! Why does this have to happen? That was the best doctor. Plus I could have gone there for my 6 month exams and I get to go to El Reno. The few escapes I get out of El Reno, one of them is taken away. Woe is me! This is just so irritating. Now this is the gripe I hear every friggin other day from my dad. He gripes bc I drive all the way to the city to work. Okay the restaurant I work at makes money. I made more than Chase and he is a marine! He drives all the way to the city, what makes me any different? I'm going to college and there is no reason to bitch at me for no reason. They got me a shitty ass 1990 Ford Escort that cannot be destroyed (I have tried!) and its my fault if that car breaks down? Fuck off!! Just let me do my own thing!! anyways I'm going to go...

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