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A|oofWo|f (aloofwolf) wrote,
@ 2004-05-11 21:16:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    the spectre of Chinese surveillance
    Because Zheng Zhou, the Chinese city in which I live, is technologically advanced, they offer a broadband internet service. This is all well and good, even though the speed is sub-optimal, and they keep changing the version of the access client. Which brings to mind the fact that every time they change versions, there are problems...but that is a rant for a different post. I share an internet connection with my dad, running two network cards and a proxy server on my box. I was aware that the government has filtering software running at the major junctions coming into China, especially in Hong Kong. This slows everything down, in the name of national security. I also assumed that they, to some degree, monitored all foriegners living in their city. Until last night, however, I didn't realize exactly to what degree. I turn on my proxy server and lo and behold, there is a connection from a strange IP address. It is physically located in the same living complex as me, and is running a basic network sniffer/data auditor, called blackjack. This somewhat annoys me, especially when that connection vanishes, and three different IP's pop onto the screen in succession, all from within my living complex, and all connected to my broadband provider. Then the fifth connection comes up, a totally different IP address, in a totally different netblock. Guess what? It also belongs to my broadband provider, except the route it takes makes a circuit to somewhere outside my living complex and then comes back. Guess what else? it is also running a network sniffer/data auditor, BootStrap Pro. Cli. Someone is paranoid, and over estimates me. All I want to do is get done with my government course, and they are making sure I am not sending secret communique's back to my home base.

    Oh, and when I went to go on the FAFSA site, for my financial aid stuff, they blocked the site for a few days. The URL ends in .gov, so apparently they needed to check it out and make sure I wasn't conspiring. Also, they blocked the site for my online government course, I assume to make sure I wasn't smuggling in propoganda. After a few days, they unblocked it.

    Sometimes I feel like I am living in 1984. *sigh*

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